Which is important? Leads or appointments?
Given a choice, which would you choose?
So, a lot of agents do not know whether they want more leads or more appointments and this problem is made worse by the fact that so many amateur marketers out there are now selling leads.
So the focus is on leads… But given a choice, which would you choose?
Would you be willing to choose appointments or leads?

5 Reasons for FEW Closings and HOW to Make 6 Figures in 90 Days Flat!

Closings make you money.
Because no closings = no money…

Closings are the only way to get paid for our property agent services in this business.
After all, this is a service-based business.

But getting few closings is a serious problem.
It’s a problem because if you’re not closing any deals, there is no way you can make a commission.

So you need to be earning a lot of commissions in order to make a good living in this industry.
The life you want, the marriage you want, the family you want is going to be fueled by the agent business you build.

The good news is, it’s quite an easy problem to fix.

So today I’m going to discuss five reasons why you may be having few closings and how to quickly make six figure incomes in just 90 days flat!

5 Reasons for FEW Appointments and HOW to Resolve this forever

5 Reasons for FEW Appointments and HOW to Book Your Calendar Choking Full?

But still, there are many property agents out there who do not have enough appointments.

And there are 5 major reasons for not having enough appointments:
Not enough leads
Not following up quickly enough
Not using a script when calling
Not overcoming prospect’s objections against appointments
Having ‘No Shows’

I’m going to explain each one in detail with easy solutions to help you get more appointments quickly.

Why Having Few Leads is a Problem

Leads are the lifeblood of your business.
They represent prospects willing to speak to you and who can agree to come down for a face-to-face appointment.

But getting few inquiries is a serious problem.

How to Permanently Overcome Your Fear of Rejection

Many property agents don’t want to admit to themselves, but they’re actually afraid of objections. They confuse the issue of objection vs rejection. That’s because they take objections on phone calls or in appointments as a form of rejection. And they take this rejection personally. Too personally, in fact. That is bad for professionalism. And it’s bad news for you.

How NOT to Sound Like a Robot When Using a Script

How NOT to Sound Like a Robot When Using a Script

How to sound natural when reading a script?
How do I practice real estate scripts?
Why even use a script in the first place?
The objective of a script is very simple. It is to keep you on track and keep you organised, right?
And the script will uncover a lot of information that is not forthcoming from the prospect.
That’s why a script is very important for you to follow.
Now, when many people read the script for the first time, obviously they are going to sound monotonous or they’re going to sound like robotic right? Because, they haven’t had practice and this is precisely the reason why so many agents do don’t want to use the script! And they end up having worse problems, like no appointments! So using a script is the ultimate secret weapon that you are going to have in your arsenal!

How to Answer “What Makes YOU Different from Your Competitors?”

I admit as a property agent, I never seriously sat down to answer this question.
And I wasn’t surprised when many agents I met weren’t able to answer this question either.
I realised the real estate industry as a whole needs to do better than saying “I’m #1” or “Top Producer” or “Award Winner”.
That’s why I wrote my book Property Agent Secrets to answer this critical question, that makes home buyer and seller prospects go “WOW! How do you DO THAT?!”