How to Make CMA Price Adjustments to Listings Without Pissing Off Sellers

How to Make CMA Price Adjustments to Listings Without Pissing Off Sellers

The good news is that you can solve this problem relatively easily by following these five steps to make CMA price adjustments to listings without making sellers angry:

1. Start with the right price

One of the most critical skills you can learn is how to educate sellers on pricing and lead them to hire you to sell their property at a price that will allow it to sell and get them top dollar for the property.

Know that prevention is by far the best approach.

Hidden Dangers of Selling New Launches That Property Agents Don’t Realise Despite the 6% Commission

Singapore Property Developers have been busy launching new projects and condominiums with breakneck speed.
And Singapore Property Agents have been getting lured in because the agent commission for selling new launch condo can be as high as 6%.
It seems every agent is now selling new launches.
But what almost nobody realises is that there is a hidden danger of selling new launches (apart from prospects knowing by heart property agents’ sales tactics).
And I’m going to explain more in this video about that.

How to Handle 5 Appointment-Destroying Objections Prospects Give to Stump Agents

Every Property Agent should know More Appointments = More Money.
But many property agents cannot get appointments because they get stumped by objections.
Here are 5 of the worst objections that that destroy their chances to book appointments.
And I’m going to explain prospects’ reasoning behind this, and how you can overcome these objections when setting an appointment as a property agent.

Yasser Khan

The SECRET to a Joy Filled Real Estate Career

What is the SECRET to a Joy Filled Real Estate Career?
How do you enjoy doing what you do as a realtor?
Is passion enough to sustain you or does it require more than that?
Does making more money create happiness?
The short answer is, it’s more than just passion and money.

Yasser Khan

The WRONG Way to Get More Listings

This post is going to be brutally honest, and therefore, OFFENSIVE to some property agents.
But that’s OK with me…
This is an unapologetic call for us as real estate agents to raise our standards of professionalism when it comes to taking listings.

Yasser Khan

What is the BEST Real Estate Training Course for Realtors?

I get it. There are tons of training courses and even free resources out there. How do you know which training course is the best for YOU? It’s simple, really. All you need is this; Practical, Hands-On Implementation and Accountability Partners. I’ll give you BOTH. And too many courses stop your progress on the last day. But it doesn’t have to be that way. My weekly Clinics keeps your momentum going long after the course has ended. That’s why my real estate training courses are the BEST!