• If you want to be the best real estate agent, you’ve got to get coached by the best Mentors. There’s no other option. Copying whatever other agents around you are doing will never get you to the top; that’s a sure-fire recipe for mediocrity and struggle. Yasser Khan is the BEST real estate success coach that I have had the honour of working with. He practices what he preaches and actually sold homes as a realtor himself, unlike other fake ‘coaches’ out there. Every single day, I witness each of the realtors that he mentors generate DOZENS of low-cost leads and I often get shocked to discover how our realtors’ calendars are choking FULL of appointments! Not only that, our agents are Closing deals literally in HOURS and selling homes in just DAYS. I always hear them begging Yasser’s Team to pause their ads (which I don’t approve); that’s how much OVERFLOW of business our agents are getting, despite the current pandemic, lockdowns and massive recession! If you haven’t read it, buy his book Property Agent Secrets, which is the most POWERFUL book in the entire real estate industry, GUARANTEED! A word of warning though, if you’re not willing to do the work, then don’t apply for any of his courses or coaching programs… your coach cannot do your pushups for you!

    Ravi M.
  • This system is incredible and so simple – a systemised approach to Singapore real estate. Yasser has everything: the basic scripts, automation and processes. Nobody else offers all these in one package to agents in Singapore. Before, I was spending too much time on admin tasks, and did not have enough time. With this system, I will have the time to focus on the things that matter the most, and Yasser has helped me to systemise my business. This is the real deal! -Raama – CLOSED 1 EXCLUSIVE Seller in just SIX HOURS.

    Raama Subramaniyan KEO, AREA Real Estate Pte Ltd
  • I first heard of Yasser Khan from Joel Bauer and David Chua’s events that I had attended. They endorsed his program to me. But then I was placed on his Waiting List due to limited seats. I quickly jumped on the opportunity once my turn came. I’m very glad that I met someone like Yasser, because as a brand new agent in 2019 I wanted to get things done QUICKLY rather than being in ‘Learning Mode’ indefinitely. Frankly, I’ve been swamped with information overload from all the courses and realised I needed to take more action. Yasser’s done-for-you Property Agent Success System is the only program of its kind I know of that is built on RAPID EXECUTION, while also getting all of the real estate FUNDAMENTALS right. Don’t apply for Yasser’s program if you’re not a serious property agent! – Pauline

    Pauline Chia ERA
  • I’m Fred Teo and I’m the Agency Director of Knight Frank Singapore. I first approached Yasser Khan in mid 2017 as I was keen to embrace technology and find how it can replace my usual way of doing business. I found him to be a genuine, patient and a caring person who aims to get real results for all his agents. I have now been using his Property Agent Success System for about a year+, and so far, I have managed to change many of my marketing methods without using ANY of the old school tactics. And since then, I never had to chase a single prospect after getting this System, because they came to ME fast and furious. Because of Yasser Khan’s highly effective Lead Generation methods, I had managed to SELL TWO Landed Homes in under 30 DAYS each by using this System. I was elated! My only regret was that I did not have enough time and manpower to follow up, as I’m very sure I could have SOLD even more homes!!! This is the only TOTAL system for property agents that I know of that is user friendly and super easy to work on. I highly recommend Yasser’s System if you don’t seem to be able to cope with technology or have no time for marketing. -Fred, SOLD THREE Landed Homes in under 5 DAYS.

    Fred Teo Agency Director, KFPN Pte Ltd
  • Yasser made me realise The Number One Reason Agents Fail has NOTHING to do with how good they are at the technical parts of the business, or their work ethic or people skills. Great agents fail every day, and it’s simply because they don’t have a real business “system”, so every day essentially consists of chasing a “to do” list and putting out fires. If you do not have a clear, detailed business system, you will always work too hard for not enough money. Worse than that, agents leave our industry in droves, not because they’re not great at working with clients, but because they simply can’t make the business work. They don’t have enough leads, they don’t find enough time to properly follow up and thus convert their leads, they don’t know exactly why they win or lose a listing. Even though they work very hard, too much is left to chance. Trying to “do it all” ultimately becomes the trap that swallows them. Yasser Khan’s Property Agent Success System also teaches highly effective scripts, conversion and presentation systems which enable agents to have more money, more time and more freedom in their lives. – William

    William Chew PropNex
  • Advertising online, I didn’t quite get the results I expected and had lots of headache experiences. I attended Yasser’s Audit as I wanted a way to systemise my entire property agent business in 2017 and generate leads without giving up control or buying some overcharged generic service from someone with zero real estate experience. I am excited to leverage PALS technology and marketing for my business and build something that works in 2017 for me specifically. Thank you Yasser! -Harry

    Harry Zeng Powerful Negotiators, PropNex
  • I realised in March 2018 that I had too many things to learn as an end to end agent, but too little time. I also lacked constant updates and follow up with clients to keep them warm and stick with me. This was because I had no strong funnel of prospecting for leads generated, which in turn leads to lesser closing for me. So I tried to read up and attend courses to improve my knowledge on online marketing. I decided to focus on more on prospecting to create a stronger sales funnel and constantly branding myself through social media and go for more networking programs. After I attended this meeting with Yasser, we have Worked on strategies and angles for clients to engage myself as an “exclusive” agent. With Property Agent Success Systems, I now have the ability of Keeping clients to stay with me and constantly following warm with them throughout the process before eventual closing. – Tommy – Generated over 300+ LEADS & CLOSED 1 LANDED HOME worth S$8 Million in under 14 DAYS.

    Tommy Teo Director, OrangeTee
  • I’ve been in this industry for 8+ years and Yasser is by far the only coach in Singapore with the best PERMANENT fixes for age-old realtor problems. He has very COMPREHENSIVE solutions for every business problem a property agent can ever face in his entire career. You name it, he has it. I’ve attended and re-attended countless company trainings and networking events, but what I’ve always lacked is a solid ACTION PLAN. His system is the MISSING PIECE in the puzzle as he is very heavy on IMPLEMENTATION and getting things DONE. So if you’re an agent who has been having too many courses but too little implementation, STOP right now and go see Yasser. You won’t regret it! – John

    John Tan PropNex
  • I have been a realtor for more than five years and have been used to old school marketing methods. But honestly, they no longer work any more, and doing the same old ineffective methods leads to doing too much work for too little results. That can be frustrating. So recently, I decided to do online marketing after reading up about it. When I read about Yasser, his message resonated with me and I decided to attend his audit. I know I’m doing the right thing and am excited to totally transform the way I conduct my business. – Vickland

    Vickland Naufal PropNex
  • I was referred to Yasser by my colleague Fred Teo, who is already using PALS System to get a lot of buyer & seller leads every month. As I had been exploring for a customised solution tailored to my own team, Yasser was able to work out something for all of us that we were very satisfied with. He was able to pinpoint exactly what we were doing wrong and generously shared his revised strategy for us, on the spot. Our initial concern was that we might not be very well equipped to handle too many new leads coming in, but Yasser showed us a much better way to help us achieve this than what most other Property Agents are doing in Singapore. We are indeed very excited to leverage the PALS System and Yasser’s unique marketing strategies to achieve a breakthrough year for us as a team in 2018. – Jiaming

    Shen Jiaming Head Business Unit, Knight Frank
  • I was working way too hard for too little results, as I was doing cold calling and door knocking to get listings. In April 2018, I came to the depressing realisation that all this while as an agent, I did not really have my very own database of customers as a long term strategy, even though I had already served a lot of buyers & sellers over the years. To make it worse, I was already having little to no response from my PropertyGuru listings. With my Closing Rates down, I was also not sure where to get listings or new leads. Since I had not yet done much Digital Marketing, I definitely need the help of Mr Yasser. He showed me which of my activities were really unproductive & wasting a lot of my time. Now, I’m definitely on my way to spending more quality time with my family and feel very excited about finally taking charge of my career. If you’re in a similar position, I recommend you to attend this Audit. – Zanna

    Zanna Chen Senior Marketing Director, ERA
  • Being an agent in 2018 is the hardest job now, due to massive disruption, DIYers & commission discounters. If we can’t adapt, we’re in trouble. Although 2017 was a good year for me as a property agent, I still had to work harder than ever before. So I cut down on my newspaper ads and renewed my online portal accounts. Then I realised that my leads were not highly qualified, and this was why I was having low closing rates. Therefore, in March 2018, I decided to finally do something about it & sought out Mr Yasser to help me troubleshoot what I was doing wrong. This Audit was a real eye opener for me & I realised that I could also dramatically improve my Soft Skills while still having more quality Time & enjoying my Real Estate Career. I’m very proud of having my very own System to help me achieve all of my business goals. Thank you Yasser! -Mani

    Mani Raja Team Director, PropNex
  • I read about Yasser’s story and his experiences resonated with my own painful struggles. In 2018, it was already becoming harder for me to get listings. As I did not want to be just another matchmaker, I was also looking for a way to provide higher value-added services to my clients. So I met Yasser to craft a totally different strategy for me personally, to spend more time with Qualified Buyers instead of those who are just playing a ‘waiting game’. I am looking forward to getting more leads, more closings and earning more commissions. -Abraham

    Abraham Lim PropNex
  • I had never advertised online before and wanted a way to systemise my entire agent business and generate leads without attending a course or spending $20k. No one else in Singapore does this. When I attended this Audit, frankly I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I found Yasser to be reassuring and he spent a lot of time understanding all my business concerns and we met again for a follow up meeting. I am very excited to leverage PALS technology and marketing for my business and can’t wait for the results to start coming in. I highly recommend property agents to attend Yasser’s audit to get a competitive edge in any economy.

    Alman Bin Abdul Majid PropNex


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