Follow Up

Oct 24, 2022

How to Rapidly Build Rapport With Inbound Leads for More Bookings [+ Scripts]

When you call up your leads, how many times in the past year have you been hung up on? How…

Aug 08, 2022

15 Reasons Your Leads Aren’t Calling You Back (and How to Fix Those)

Getting a lead on the phone is hard work. Getting them to return your call is even harder. That’s why…

May 16, 2022

200 Ways to Attract, Capture, and Nurture Real Estate Leads

I’ve collected 200 different ways you can upgrade your real estate lead generation to help you get more traffic and…

Jun 14, 2021

What is the Absolutely BEST TIME to Follow Up With Your Leads?

So, a lot of agents ask me when is the best time to follow up with their prospects or leads...…

Sep 21, 2020

Six Reasons Property Agents Don’t Follow Up With Leads

According to the late, great Chet Holmes, in order to make a sale, you’ll need to follow up with a…

Aug 28, 2020

The Only 2 Questions Every Agent Needs to Ask Prospects

The Only 2 Questions Every Agent Needs to Ask Every Single Prospect. Say what? Only 2? Yup...


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