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How is Yasser Khan's Realtor Coaching Program Different?

Why would you choose to work with Yasser Khan? Why Yasser Khan Coaching? The answer is actually pretty simple: I want to win in my life and the way that I’ve found to lights me up the most is to help others win in THEIR lives. I know the value of a mentor precisely because I lacked one for years, and when I did have one, it was the wrong mentor! The right mentor for you is someone who has had the same struggles as you, understands what you want, knows how to teach you what you need (but don't see) and can kick your butt in order to help YOU succeed!



Elite LIVE weekly coaching program with weekly Coaching Calls, Q&A Helplines, Ad Clinics & Role Play Clinics with Yasser Khan in an interactive video conference call format. Includes personalised on-demand video coaching with FREE Twice-Yearly Accountability Calls and comprehensive online trainings for your real estate agent business and much more.



It all starts first with Yasser Khan's transformational 90-Day 6-Figure Agent Club Challenge. Specifically designed for full-time agents who desire to compress time and dramatically accelerate their growth and results fast in just 90 days and to build a highly profitable business and a lifestyle that they love. Limited enrollment available.


A High Level Mastermind with high-producing agents earning 6 & 7-Figure Incomes. Live weekly coaching with Yasser. Inner Circle focuses on Real Estate, Sales and Success in your Business and your Life including your finances, relationships, health, mindset, passion and personal fulfillment. Criteria must be met to qualify.






Founder &  Coach

Yasser Khan started selling real estate in January 2008 and has been full-time ever since as an agent, team leader or coach. He founded Yasser Khan Coaching in 2016.

Yasser’s approach to coaching is personal, holistic, no B.S., and for “PROS ONLY… amateurs not allowed.”

He believes that true success means winning in every single area of your life (like Financial, Family, Social, Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Fun).

His passion is leading agents on a transformational journey to success and true greatness… both through his coaching and by setting the example with his own ongoing personal growth including having several permanent coaches for himself.

When Yasser isn’t coaching, he loves playing hubby to his wife and being a kid again with his 3 naughty children (actually, mini monsters...), traveling to and across Pakistan, eating spicy food, taking pictures of the Milky Way and reading up about Dinosaurs (especially T. Rex).



  • If you want to be the best real estate agent, you’ve got to get coached by the best Mentors. There’s no other option. Copying whatever other agents around you are doing will never get you to the top; that’s a sure-fire recipe for mediocrity and struggle. Yasser Khan is the BEST real estate success coach that I have had the honour of working with. He practices what he preaches and actually sold homes as a realtor himself, unlike other fake ‘coaches’ out there. Every single day, I witness each of the realtors that he mentors generate DOZENS of low-cost leads and I often get shocked to discover how our realtors’ calendars are choking FULL of appointments! Not only that, our agents are Closing deals literally in HOURS and selling homes in just DAYS. I always hear them begging Yasser’s Team to pause their ads (which I don’t approve); that’s how much OVERFLOW of business our agents are getting, despite the current pandemic, lockdowns and massive recession! If you haven’t read it, buy his book Property Agent Secrets, which is the most POWERFUL book in the entire real estate industry, GUARANTEED! A word of warning though, if you’re not willing to do the work, then don’t apply for any of his courses or coaching programs… your coach cannot do your pushups for you!

    Ravi M.
  • This system is incredible and so simple – a systemised approach to Singapore real estate. Yasser has everything: the basic scripts, automation and processes. Nobody else offers all these in one package to agents in Singapore. Before, I was spending too much time on admin tasks, and did not have enough time. With this system, I will have the time to focus on the things that matter the most, and Yasser has helped me to systemise my business. This is the real deal! -Raama – CLOSED 1 EXCLUSIVE Seller in just SIX HOURS.

    Raama Subramaniyan KEO, AREA Real Estate Pte Ltd
  • I first heard of Yasser Khan from Joel Bauer and David Chua’s events that I had attended. They endorsed his program to me. But then I was placed on his Waiting List due to limited seats. I quickly jumped on the opportunity once my turn came. I’m very glad that I met someone like Yasser, because as a brand new agent in 2019 I wanted to get things done QUICKLY rather than being in ‘Learning Mode’ indefinitely. Frankly, I’ve been swamped with information overload from all the courses and realised I needed to take more action. Yasser’s done-for-you Property Agent Success System is the only program of its kind I know of that is built on RAPID EXECUTION, while also getting all of the real estate FUNDAMENTALS right. Don’t apply for Yasser’s program if you’re not a serious property agent! – Pauline

    Pauline Chia ERA
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