Dec 26, 2022

9 Real Estate Agent Bio Examples (+ Templates)

A real estate agent bio is a crucial part of your marketing strategy and professional branding. An effective real estate…

Dec 12, 2022

107 Best Real Estate Slogans & Taglines for 2023

When it comes to personal, team, or brokerage branding, effective real estate slogans (often called taglines) are a top-producing Realtor’s…

Sep 05, 2022

23 Best Real Estate Email Templates & Scripts for 2022

Since so many leads prefer to be contacted via email, writing effective real estate email templates will help you close…

Apr 05, 2022

6 Ways for Property Agents to Build and Grow Their Own Email List in 90 Days

The Money is in the Relationship You Have With Your List. As a real estate agent, your email list is…

Property Marketingall in property marketing →

Jun 12, 2023

Real Estate Photography: 24 Tips for Stunning DIY Photos

We curated this list of the best real estate photography tips from experts across our industry to help you level…

Oct 10, 2022

Ultimate 51-Point Real Estate Listing Marketing Plan (+PDF Checklist)

In order to get the most out of this listing marketing plan, choose 20 strategies from the list that you…

Jun 27, 2022

10 Real Estate Copywriting Secrets Professionals Don't Want You to Know

Although real estate agents are excellent salespeople, not every agent can be a good copywriter. That’s why today, I am…

Jun 20, 2022

1,000 Real Estate Power Words Top Listing Agents Use to Sell More Homes (+PDF)

To help you get over your writer’s block and find the perfect real estate words for your listing description, we…

Referral Marketingall in referral marketing →

Aug 22, 2022

Real Estate Referral Fees: How They Work & Best Practices for 2022

A real estate referral fee is a portion of the commission paid to another real estate agent or broker in…

Jul 18, 2022

10 Tips to Get More Reviews to Attract Referrals & Repeat Clients

If you’re interested in increasing your credibility and building your personal brand, check out these 10 tips and tricks that…

Jun 13, 2022

How to Use Real Estate Keywords to Get FREE Leads From Google

Since keywords and keyword strategy is surprisingly complex, let’s start at the beginning: What Are Real Estate Keywords? Real estate…

May 30, 2022

Real Estate SEO: The Ultimate Guide for 2023 (10 Steps to Fast Ranking)

I put together this guide to help you get started. I’ve included ten real estate SEO strategies to help your…

Jan 02, 2023

107 Best Real Estate Hashtags

Real estate hashtags are words or phrases preceded by a # sign (otherwise known as the pound sign), which popular…

Aug 15, 2022

How to Create Real Estate Facebook Ads That Actually Generate Leads

I created this in-depth guide to help you create Facebook ads that will generate real estate leads for a reasonable…

Sep 11, 2020

Why Boosting Posts on Facebook to Sell Listings is a BAD Idea

Many realtors upload their listings on their FB Page. And see Facebook's suggestions to boost that post for a tiny…

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Nov 14, 2022

How to Build an IDX Real Estate Website in One Afternoon (2023)

Building your own IDX real estate website is pretty easy these days—easy enough for an agent with limited tech skills…

Nov 07, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Real Estate Website

Your website has the potential to be your best brand and sales asset, but that potential won't be achieved without…

Sep 12, 2022

21 Must-read Real Estate Blogs That Will Make You a Better Agent in 2023

If you’re looking for new, must-read real estate blogs to add to your morning routine, today is your lucky day.…

Jun 06, 2022

100 Viral Real Estate Blog Ideas for 2023 (+ Examples & Expert Tips)

Even in this age of social media, a real estate blog is still one of the best ways Realtors can…


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