Complete Guide to Recruiting Real Estate Agents copy

The Complete Guide to Recruiting Real Estate Agents

Learn how to successfully recruit, hire, train and keep the very best real estate agents. Whether you’re an established brokerage with experienced agents, or a new agency recruiting real estate agents, this guide is designed to help you develop a successful and ongoing process for recruiting and retaining the best agents.

The Complete Guide to the Singapore RES Course (1)

The Complete Guide to the Singapore RES Course

To kickstart your real estate career, you are required to attend the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) course and pass the RES Exams before you can be registered with the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) as a real estate salesperson. This complete guide will give you a rundown of to expect on your journey to attaining your license but don’t forget to read up more on the pros and cons, capital required and other important aspects of starting out on my blog under real estate career topics!​I guarantee that you will find it super helpful for deciding whether this career is for you and avoid the pitfalls and heartaches that many of us have gone through!​

What Training Courses Don’t Teach Realtors!

It seems everyone is a real estate expert nowadays. Every other day there’s a new kid selling training courses. They quickly shoot some slick videos and post screenshots and claim to teach you property agent secrets. Should you take up their courses? It depends. When I got started as a realtor way back in 2008, I struggled for a year until I found the right mentor to guide me. Therefore, a course was instrumental in my success. It was a shortcut. And when my own former manager sought out my help, I realised, many other realtors needed this too.


What is Real Success in Real Estate?

Everyone is obsessed with success. Everybody wants to appear and feel successful. Who wouldn’t, right? There are many ways to measure success. Some measure it with money and some even …