Characteristics of Successful Real Estate Agents


Characteristics of Successful Real Estate Agents

In the past, we've been talking about  SUCCESS that comes with Real Estate.

Who doesn't want to be successful in their own field, right?

But do you know what the characteristics are of a successful Real Estate Agent?

So there are a number of characteristics that every successful agent has.

When I say SUCCESSFUL, I mean he is already successful, not on his way to success.

Every successful Real Estate Agent is a RAINMAKER.

A Rainmaker is someone who makes things happen, who makes it rain! They appear to be making business effortlessly.

There are 10 Characteristics every great realtor has.

1. Being NATURAL at the job.

The best Real Estate Agents are natural.

They move into new situations easily and effortlessly and they're very comfortable with people while projecting self-confidence.

They seem to be marketing effortlessly while other agents struggle.


What is intuition? Intuition is being able to recognise what is most important to your client without your client explicitly telling you.

You figure out solutions to your problems unconsciously. You are able to zoom in and out and pay attention to what really matters.

Just like a mother to her newborn child, as the child is not yet able to communicate, the mother has the intuition when the baby is hungry or needs a diaper change.


Listening is a skill not many have.

Many people are not good listeners because they just want to give out quick answers without truly understanding what their clients are saying.

Making the effort to truly understand your customer's concerns builds trust between yourself and your client.


A lot of Real Estate Agents have the ability to provide creative solutions.

Clients look for programs that are tailored for their specific needs and they don't want any of the same products and same solutions.

5. Being able to ANTICIPATE rather than REACT

Successful Realtors anticipate when things are going wrong and that is why they are fully prepared to get things done, to get the solutions out there.

They prevent problems instead of reacting right there and then. This helps build trust in clients.


A hallmark trait of a good rainmaker is making extra effort especially as applied to building the client relationship.

We can never deny that service is KEY, but you also need to combine with going an extra mile.

7. Putting yourself in YOUR CLIENT'S SHOES

Not everyone is able to do this. Being able to put yourself in your client's shoes helps you understand better and in turn help you provide the right service.

8. NEVER giving BS


A successful Realtor never claims to know what he doesn't know, but he always finds out what he doesn't know.

9. Being able to SEE AND BE SEEN

To see and be seen is a motto of a Rainmaker to continue to maintain a high community profile.

They are involved in charities, involved in local business groups and even involved in charitable boards.


Successful Realtors are 100% entrepreneurial and they're willing to take risks.

They know that playing it safe doesn't develop new business and never develops business the right way.

They work hard to create new opportunities and if they don't leap at those opportunities then they know someone else will. 

These are the 10 characteristics of a successful Real Estate Agent. It's now up to you to keep it up.

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