How Agents Can Permanently Overcome Burnout

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How Agents Can Permanently Resolve Burnout


Burnout is Real

Have you ever felt burnt out and thought of giving up?

I know I have. I used feel like I was carrying a mountain on my back.

Some days just felt bad because nothing seemed to move. I just felt like quitting.

And many property agents feel burnout after working too hard for too little results. They're frustrated when nothing works they want things to.

They're putting up a brave fight. But they're doing it all alone. They're a bit afraid to admit they need help.

It's okay to seek help when you need it. We all need a shoulder to lean on. It's just a part of our humanity. We're emotional creatures.

But we can't forever keep being miserable, right?

The reason behind burnout is working too hard.

You'll always end up feeling burnt out.

The Better Way

So the more important thing is to address the underlying issues of burnout. Permanently.

The good news is, it can be done.

And even better news is that, once you've resolved burnout, it's permanent (provided you keep the solutions in place.)

There are two majors ways to do this:

  1. Use Technology to automate stuff that can be automated
  2. Hire people to get stuff done that can't be automated.

Let's talk about these in greater detail.

Using Technology to Clone Yourself

I'm a big believer in technology.

I believe technology holds the solutions to a lot of problems.

And agents can quickly use it to get more stuff done.

But you've got to sit down first and agree on what can be automated and what cannot be.

For that, you need to work ON your business.

Once you do that, it gets easier because by then, you're simple testing out the technology.

And adopting what works for you.

But what about stuff that cannot be automated?

That's where people come in.

Hiring People to Clone Yourself

The right people can extend your capabilities.

But many agents are fearful that hiring people is too costly.

It's not.

Search for freelancers only.

They're affordable.

And can easily do tasks you ask them to.

I did this all the time.

There are plenty of online portals that allow you to hire people for an hourly fee.

Start small.


You'll get better.

As you do that, you will improve as a manager, which is a skill you're going to need anyway when your business grows.

So, it doesn't have to be hard to prevent and resolve burnout permanently.

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