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How Can Introverts Make EXCELLENT Real Estate Agents?



How Can Introverts Make EXCELLENT Real Estate Agents?

Do you have to be an outgoing person to succeed as a realtor? Not really.

But why is there a perception that extroverts make better realtors? It comes from prospecting.

But there's an alternative to prospecting that makes being outgoing irrelevant.

It's called Reverse Prospecting

The idea is, instead of you doing the chasing, get the prospects and clients to chase you instead.

This is a much more enlightened way to prospecting.


  • You're no longer perceived as being 'desperate' or 'another hungry salesman'
  • It's better to be chased as only things in demand get chased
  • You turn the prospect-salesman dynamic upside down

It's a true win-win for everybody!

I wish I knew this earlier

All those years ago before I retired and took up coaching, I used to struggle because I was a shy person.

When I joined Real Estate, they told to me to go talk to strangers.

And I was terrified.

Because chatting up total strangers doesn't come naturally to me.

I tried door knocking to avoid having to chat with strangers on the street. Instead, the owner called the police.

And I was so traumatised that I ended up never knocking on another door in life again.

Then I tried cold calling. I hated it.

By the way, the only ones who love cold calling are those who have never cold called anyone!

And I absolutely hated it. It was so emotionally draining.

So you can see, it was such a struggle for me to get business as a new realtor all those years ago.

Until I listened to my mentor

It was Dan Kennedy who taught reverse prospecting. After I applied his teachings, I was able to get flooded by 1,943 leads in under 48 hours flat.

And I went on to earn a lot of money. It was my first taste of success in life at that time.

So you can see, reverse prospecting was how I was able to overcome the shortcomings of having a shy personality.

Try it!

What's so wonderful about this is that you become the HUNTED, instead of the feared hunter.

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