How Can Realtors Prepare for a BAD Economy

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How Can Realtors Prepare for a BAD Economy


How Can Realtors Prepare and sell more houses in a BAD Economy?

It's no news that we're in a bad economy.

It's only getting worse, but we don't know how long it's going to last.

Many agents were taken by surprise even though everyone knee another recession was long overdue.

The question is, what are you going to do about it?

How will you prepare for even more bad times?

By Being Vigilant and Flexible

All great entrepreneurs quickly succeeded when they displayed vigilance about changes in their environment and were flexible enough to take the right action.

Warren Buffett is a classic example.

And I follow his mentor Benjamin Graham's Value Investing school.

Do you realise how vigilant and flexible Warren Buffett is? Do you know the amount of flexibility it takes to do the exact opposite of what everyone is doing right now?

But I see many realtors in denial.

Realtors Are Still in Denial

They're angry why is this happening?

They're crying out loud why can't things stay the same?

And that's because they got inflexible and resistant to change.

They forgot one of the laws of this this world.


Change is the Only Constant

And there's nothing you can do about it except change too.

The same old stuff you used to do in the past may no longer work.

You have to be vigilant to opportunities that few can see.

And you have to be flexible enough to seize them.

That is how fortunes are made.

That's why even in a recession, there are millionaires and billionaires being made, all the time.

And the reason is their willingness to be flexible.

They don't rely on government handouts.

They don't complain.

They adapt quickly and then monetise it rapidly.

They know their Comfort Zone is their Wealth Zone.

Because, you see,

Comfort is Highly Overrated

Yes, that's right.

Everyone is impatient and demands convenience and comfort.


Because, if you're willing to do stuff that's uncomfortable for you, then you will grow your wealth.

So right now, with the coming Bad Economy, you've got to be flexible.

You've got to do stuff you're not comfortable doing, like shooting videos.

You've got to go after new trends and embrace change.

That's how you prepare for the oncoming recession.

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