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How Much Budget Should Realtors Have for Advertising?1 min read



Spending on ads is always a big commitment.

And every agent has some concerns about this from time to time.

How much should realtors budget monthly for ads?

I always hear agents asking me how much should they advertise.

The answer depends on your own situation and where you are in your business.

My reply is always,

Advertising is not a cost, it's an INVESTMENT.

If done right, ads give you your money back in multiples.

But here's the thing.

Something terrible happens when you stop marketing: NOTHING.

Marketing budgets should be whatever your own comfort level is.

But how do you come up with a budgetary figure? Estimates?

You should look at the advertising platform to see what's the average.

For example, 5 years ago, Facebook was super cheap. You could get many leads for a measly $150/month budget.

Those days are now long gone.

$150 per month is no longer going to cut it in 2020.


  • Competition for ads has shot up to the roof and is expected to continue.
  • Everybody and their dog is selling ads on Facebook (yes, even dogs).
  • Big companies with larger budgets than you or I are getting more serious about social media ads
  • Ads are getting less effective
  • People on Facebook are ignoring ads

What's the solution? Simple:

  • You've got to be consistent and stick to your marketing plan.
  • You cannot pause ads in the second or third month and restart ads a few months later.
  • You've got to do smarter marketing by knowing which ads work and which don't.
  • You have to be aware of retargeting and know how to get those who're not responding.
  • For Facebook to do a good job of retargeting, you cannot pause your ads.

So you see, the fastest and easiest way to start getting inquiries today is still Facebook. This is true for most realtors.

Some of my agents spend $1,000 per month based on their own comfort level. Some have larger budgets, while others have smaller budgets.

But here's an important caveat: paid ads tend to get worse over time. That's because of 'Ad Fatigue' which comes from 'viewer blindness'. Which means, over time, viewers become less sensitive to ads.

So it becomes costlier and costlier.

That's where free traffic comes in.

Free Ads

Free content is whatever you post on your social media, which is kinda like SEO. But it has to be consistent.

I'll be covering free ads in a future post, but for now, your budget for ads depends on your own comfort level.

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