How Shy Realtors Are Finding Success

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How Shy Realtors Are Finding Success



Can you be a shy real estate agent and still succeed?

Do you really need to be outgoing, talkative and people-friendly in order to succeed as a realtor?

After all, you may even have witnessed many Top Producers are actually outgoing agents, who have it much easier than most due to their gregarious personality and popularity. These super-friendly agent generally know a lot of people, and so, many agents do feel justified that real estate is a people-oriented service-based business.

Therefore many agents are telling themselves that you need more contacts to succeed in business. That it's a Number's Game. That the more people you talk to, the better it is for your sales. So you've got to prospect, prospect, prospect.

But I've Always Been Shy!

I thought so too, as a realtor. Because, you see, I've always been shy. I've always been exhausted around people. I've always found comfort in solace. I'm very comfortable in my own company. That's when I feel best.

In fact, I recharge my energy by being alone.

Then I Joined Real Estate

I was trying to earn a good living. And grow rich quickly. But what I didn't realise initially, was that I wasn't outgoing enough. Shortly after I joined real estate, they told me I had to go talk to strangers.

I Was Terrified

I couldn't move my legs. I felt something weighing my down, pinning my legs. Waves of panic washed over me, as I felt the ground being taken away from under my feet.

Sales was the only time I realised my shy personality was a liability for me.

Because after 8 long months in, I had zero sales and zero income to show for it.

I was depressed that I couldn't make it as a salesman. I didn't know enough people personally. I had grown up overseas and only returned to Singapore in the Year 2000. I was a shy student with few friends all the way until 2005, when I finished my National Service. From then until 2008, the year I joined real estate, I barely had 3 years to get to know people in Singapore.

It wasn't enough time, even for a shy guy like me.

So, you can imagine why I was terrified as a new realtor.

Soon, I Wanted to Quit

I didn't want a tough life anymore.

I thought this industry was meant for extroverts, those with thousands upon thousands of friends.

I was nowhere near that.

And I was struggling.

Then I Discovered Reverse Prospecting

It was Dan Kennedy who first explained the concept of Reverse Prospecting to me. I was busy searching for answers one night in my mother's kitchen when I stumbled across an excerpt of a talk that he gave a group of business owners. He was describing how he was helping dentists in America triple their businesses almost overnight by teaching them client attraction strategies.

It was a new concept. The basic idea was to get prospects and clients to reach out FIRST, instaed of the salesman doing all the prospecting, chasing and talking.

I was hooked.

But then, I worried if this was applicable to Real Estate?

So I searched on forums and found the answer. It was.

The next thing was about implementing this.

And I Took Massive Action

So after listening to Dan Kennedy. nobody was more surprised than me when I got a flood of 1,943 leads in under 48 hours flat...

It was more business than I could handle on my own...

I had beaten extroverts at their own game!

What Should Shy Agents Do?

Here's my advice for you.

  1. Learn as much as possible about Reverse Prospecting. On my blog, I write about it on a regular basis.
  2. I put up videos just like this on my YouTube Channel, so you may want to watch it there.
  3. Subscribe to my Property Agent Secrets Podcast. Listen in during your daily commute.
  4. If you're ready to speed up your learning, then buy my book Property Agent Secrets at Learn and apply the secrets inside my book to see rapid progress.

So, there you have it; a permanent fix that makes your shy personality a non issue and levels the playing field with all those, popular, outgoing agents!


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