How to Answer “What Makes YOU Different from Your Competitors?”



Ever heard home buyer or seller prospects asking you what makes YOU different?

I know I have.

Even if you haven't heard it, I'm sure you've gotten 'hints' from prospects that imply this question, right?
(Stuff like your prospects not cooperating, walking all over you, missing appointments, backing out of deals etc. etc.)

But I admit as a property agent, I never seriously sat down to answer this critical question.

(Honestly, I didn't even realise how critical this question was to prospects until I became a prospect myself. Then the whole game changed and I have many 'AHA!' moments.)

It wasn't my fault though.

  1. I was just copying other agents and doing what they did.
  2. And I wasn't doing what everyone else around me wasn't doing too.

And I wasn't surprised either when all the property agents whom I personally met weren't able to answer this question.
Over the course of my career, I must have met around 227 property agents in person, and not even one of them had a convincing answer to this question!

No kidding!

I realised the Real Estate industry as a whole needs to do much better.

Property Agents need better replies than what everyone else is parroting, like:

  • "I'm Number 1"
  • "I'm a Top Producer"
  • "I'm an Award Winner"
  • "I'm dependable"

It's 2020 and all of these are the WRONG answers!

Because customers are way more sophisticated than ever before!

  • They have instant access to information at their fingertips
  • They can anonymously find out home prices, pictures and floor plans
  • They do not need to work as hard as in the past to search for homes
  • They are much better informed than many property agents themselves!

Gone are those days when prospects first learnt of homes on sale from the local newspaper classifieds.
The days when it took weeks to print books and inform readers are history.

And the INTERNET has changed it all!

The REAL reason why all the above answers don't make it, is because all these statements are just MEANINGLESS.

  • They don't mean anything to prospects.
  • They don't answer the real objection prospects have.

Because none of these statements actually answer the prospects' real, unspoken issue: SCEPTICISM.

You must realise that the biggest, most underrated trend in modern society today is scepticism.

Nowadays, everyone and his dog is sceptical of:

  • the government
  • the internet
  • churches
  • universities
  • celebrities
  • banks
  • big businesses
  • charities etc.

Prospects have been burnt in the past.
They're too cautious.
Quick to judge and condemn.
Too slow to trust.

They're simply in self defence mode.

So the real core of the issue is this:

How to overcome this ever-growing, natural scepticism that prospects have (which will continue to grow even more in the years ahead)?

The answer is in a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

A USP basically answers the question

"Why should I do business with you, why not your competition, even including not doing anything (or whatever I'm doing right now)?"

You need to think long and hard what is it you're comfortable promising clients.

Because that will set up the FOUNDATION of your business.
And only strong foundations last long.

Here are a few of my own criteria to building you own USP:

  1. it must be legal and ethical (approved by your real estate board)
  2. it must be concise
  3. it must be believable

When you're able to follow the above criteria, the statement that you come up with will be your USP.
Once you have that, then you need to really own it and apply it everywhere (on namecard, website, email, blog, social media, profiles etc.)

That's why I wrote my book Property Agent Secrets to answer this critical question, with multiple USP examples, that makes home buyer and seller prospects go

"WOW!!! How do you DO THAT?!"

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