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How to Become a Top Realtor With 3 Simple Strategies1 min read



Isn't it great to become a top realtor one day? You bet!

Along with top incomes come name recognition and prestige.

Everyone wants to know how to become a top producer. But getting there is not easy.

There are 3 simple things you need to do if you're serious about becoming a top success real estate agent.

3 Simple Strategies to become a TOP Realtor

What many realtors don't know is that it takes much more than hard work to get to the top. And it's only available to those who understand the powerful concept of leverage.

Leverage is the power to maximise your results and income with the least effort, time, risk and money. You have to use leverage in order to succeed and get to the top. Hard work will no longer be enough.

Specifically, there are three types of leverage you need to use daily to even have a chance to get to the top. They are:

  1. Marketing
  2. Technology
  3. People

Now, I'll explain all of these in detail.

Leverage Marketing

The sooner you master the right kind of marketing, the faster you will have a flood of appointments and business.

Marketing is the key skill you need to  survive and thrive in today's market. Listing a home is no longer enough. With the amount of advertising your prospects are already exposed to, you need to stand out from all of your competition. And doing the right marketing will help you stay top of mind. Specifically, Direct Response Marketing is the skill to develop. Because when you do this, prospects chase you, instead of you chasing them. In my own realtor business, when that happened, life was 10 times easier for me! This has to happen consistently.

Leverage Technology

When you have some consistent leads coming in, it won't be possible to do everything by yourself. One of the cheapest ways to duplicate and clone yourself is by leveraging technology.

Even the Internet is a technology, which wasn't available barely thirty years ago. So is SMS.

But I see many agents getting tripped up by technology. It doesn't have to be that way. Just get started with your own level of expertise. Then work your way up.

Leverage People

This is the ultimate leverage. By hiring assistants and other agents to form a team, you will free up your time and finally do whatever you love to do. You can extend your capabilities by hiring people whose strengths are your weaknesses. This is the best form of leverage that I know of. When I had assembled a team, only then was I able to take time away from the business and make time for my growing family.

So, these are the three simple strategies you need to use right now to build the foundation that will get you to top producer status.

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