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How to Ethically Steal Business From Competitors For Less Than $1001 min read


I Don’t Understand How This Would Work For Me

I created the Property Agent Success System and my upline was the first agent other than me to use it all those years ago.

And now, we have agents making more money using this system than I ever did.

(That's a good thing though. This makes me happy to be a part of others' successes. 🙌)

So there are agents out there who are really not sure how my system even works.

I think they still have a lot of questions in their minds.

Questions like how a platform built by a realtor works for other realtors in Singapore? Or if it is the right fit for their own business?

So today I decided to talk about this.

Bad Experiences? Maybe.

Agents might be asking all these questions because they tried other platforms and those didn't work out.

They failed to book appointments there, so there were no closings.

Now, they might be telling themselves that it works for other agents because they're already BIG or have a TON of clients.

They think online portals like PropertyGuru only works because top agents still have the money to spend there, and they're getting all the business.

It's true because you see all the top producers having an easier time getting business, because they're so famous and get featured everywhere, right?

But wait, weren't today's top producers newbies yesterday?

That sounds kinda like the argument about whether the chicken came first or the egg came first?

Is It Really a Chicken or Egg Thing?

So Top Producers have so much business now, right?

Even they had to start from zero, don't you agree?

Heard this saying before?

"Every Master was once a disaster!"

If that's true, then there's hope for you!

The secret is to copy success.


If you can Copy, You can SUCCEED!

I Actually Created it to Save Myself

Ironically, I actually created my system to save myself all those years ago.

I found myself working crazy 90 hour work weeks and I was quickly feeling burnt out. It was just too much work for too little results.

And I was feeling very lost, lacking a direction and grasping everywhere trying to search for a better way.

Any way to let me quickly escape from the mess I was in. I even wished someone could become my boss so that he could fire me from this lousy job. I was that desperate.

So desperate that I almost wanted to quit real estate.

I was quite fortunate to stumble across Michael Gerber's book, 'The E Myth'.

That's the best book I ever read on business systems, and I encourage you to read it too.

I quickly implemented whatever he was teaching.

And So My System Was Born

The whole idea of my system is simple: COPY the best agents' marketing out there to get the same RESULTS!

Why? If I can SEE what top agents are doing, I will want to replicate that quickly and have the same results.

And it's different from spying. One, spying is just looky-looky. There's no follow up after that. No real change.

Thinking, planning, plotting, learning, knowing doesn't get shit done!

Only ACTION produces results!

My system is actually taking action based on REAL intelligence.

And my system makes is super easy to copy the success that my agents are having right now...

This is the ONLY Total system of its kind that solves every SINGLE problem in your realtor business. It solves all of these, and more:

  • not enough leads
  • not enough closings
  • not enough referral business
  • not enough consistent business
  • unpredictable income

How Does it Work?

So how does it work?

I'm not interested in copying every agent. Here's why:

  1. The majority of the agents out there do not know what they're doing. They have no strategy. They're all tactics. The latest messenger bot marketing? They're quick to be seduced by it. Yet when I ask them how do they solve the curse of the DIY Culture, they quickly shut up.
  2. The few, maybe less than 5%, are actually doing things right. They understand and use the power of leverage. They're relentless with taking massive ACTION. Those are the ones we want to copy.

My Property Agent Success System is built based on the actions of Top Producers. It gives you a plan to follow for the next 90 Days. But it's up to you to follow it.

Let me be very blunt and call out the bullshit.

I have agents who use my system and have tremendous success using it. And I also have agents who used it, but didn't take the necessary action, so they didn't make any money.

Seriously, taking action, and by that I literally mean MASSIVE action, only then will this system work for you.

What Should I Do Next?

I'm opening up a test drive of my system for you to try it for less than $100. In fact, the test drive is FREE.

Just go to our new platform, AgentLEADS and set up your Free Trial Account.

Once you've done that, play around and see how you far and how fast you can go.

Go sell more homes already!

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Yasser Khan is a real estate coach, speaker, and trainer at YasserKhan.SG who teaches Realtors how to make more Money, have more Time and enjoy more Freedom without all the B.S.


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