How to make more money and live your dream lifestyle

Property Agent Basics / Motivation

How to Make More Money & Live Your Dream Lifestyle


Why Did You Become a Property Agent?

I think you joined because you thought you could make a lot of money and live a good lifestyle.

But look at what has happened?

Many property agents struggle because this job consumes them. They work 80-hour-weeks and struggle to make enough money.

Does that look like a successful business to you? No, right?

There are several action steps you can take to avoid all this.

How to Get Out of a Bad Job

What made the biggest impact in my own career as a realtor was understanding the concept of LEVERAGE.

Leverage is the power to MAXIMISE your results with the LEAST amount of time, effort and risk on your part.

Realtors can use three types of leverage in order to earn more money and live the life that they want to live.

Leverage #1: Marketing

Look at it this way.

We no longer have to leave our homes or office in order to get prospects to contact us today.

That is made possible because of the Internet.

Even the Internet is a form of leverage.

It makes the impossible possible.

The right of kind marketing gets you flooded with more prospects than you can handle.

But the kind of marketing most agents do is 'Image Marketing' that talks only about themselves.

The correct marketing answers 'What's in it for me' for prospects, and they go out of their way to contact you.

Leverage #2: Technology

Like the example of internet, which is a technology, and it's also a form of leverage.

But I see agents struggle with technology too.

It doesn't have to be so complicated.

It can be as simple as automating SMS. You can set up SMS reminders before an appointment, so that you don't struggle to remind them last minute, while increasing communication and reducing no-shows. That's leverage.

Technology prevents you from wasting your effort.

It clones you without you having to do everything by yourself.

But it doesn't have to be too complicated.

You've got to take smaller steps and play around in order to get a good feel.

Leverage #3: People

Hiring people can be a leverage because other people can extend your capabilities.

You can clone yourself.

But many agents do not know how to hire, train, keep and grow a team.

Usually we realtors do not learn how to be effective managers.

We don't know how to get others to do what we want them to do.

Managing by Exception is a very common sense approach of managing others.

That way, you empower your downlines or staff to become smarter.

I realised when there is a boss breathing down your neck, people tend to panic a bit. And their performance suffers.

This approach solves that and you only hear about solutions from them, not problems.

That frees you up to do what you love doing.

Use All Three to Get More in Life

When you use all the above three forms of leverage at the same time in your business, you will make more money and will be able to live the lifestyle that you want.

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Yasser Khan is a real estate coach, speaker, and trainer at YasserKhan.SG who teaches Realtors how to make more Money, have more Time and enjoy more Freedom without all the B.S.


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