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How to Never Wish For More Hours in a Day Again


How Most Agents (Really) Work

When I ask agents what are they doing in order to improve their business, I get very predictable answers.

Many agents tell me they wish for more hours in a day. They say that they have no time. They're too busy working, workwing, working.

And they can't even find any time for themselves, let alone the time to improve their business.

It's quite sad, really.

Real Estate Agents typically work crazy long work hours.

They either:

  • Work 80 hours a week, make some money and have no life outside real estate
  • Have a life outside real estate but make no money

Does that sound like a business to you?

Realtors Have a Tough Job, Not a Business

Everyone pretends that they have a business, when in fact, many realtors have a TOUGH, LOUSY JOB!

Let me be completely honest here.

A business, like McDonald's for example, exists to make the owners make money.

Do you see the McDonald's owner flipping burgers? You don't, right?

Yet why are we realtors slogging it off every single day, doing everything from admin to customer service to President to salesman?

And barely earn enough money to pay the bills?

So, it's no wonder they hardly have time to improve their own business by trying to make it work better.

They're telling themselves,

"I don't have enough hours in a day!"

I Used to Work Like That Too

Back when I was a realtor, I used to work exactly like that too.

I was sitting in my upline's office, and I could hear my colleagues in the other room calling their clients. They had no idea what had just happened. I was sitting there freaked out because I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to give up. I started to get a shooting headache. It felt like a my head was on fire. I felt this pressure coming down and I literally felt like someone was sitting on my neck. It got so heavy that I couldn't lift my head. The only thing I could see were the Palms of my hands, and they were sweating, yet I was freezing cold. My whole body was shaking and shivering because I was in so much pain and frustration, yet I was frozen with fear.

I was quickly burning out.


Because the only outcome to working harder is BURNOUT.

I had been working crazy 80-90 hours per week, and I had hardly seen an increase in my income.

And it was becoming too hard for me to bear.

I was wishing for more hours in day.

Even though my friends have always pointed out my exemplary perseverance on more than one occasion, I knew I couldn't persevere blindly.

So I made a decision.

I needed to change. Fast.

Or get out of the business.

The Answer Came From a Book (Of All Places)

It was the E-Myth by Michael Gerber.

And what he said in the book changed my life.

He said,

"What you want is irrelevant. It's what your customers want that matters."

That day marked the true start of my marketing journey.

I realised I had to work ON my business.

I did not want a tough job anymore. I wanted a real business.

So here's what I did that changed my business and gave me the income and the lifestyle that I wanted:

  1. I studied and mastered Direct Response Marketing. It's the art of getting prospects to do what you want them to do in a way that gives them what they want.
  2. I worked ON my business. I took Michael Gerber's advice to heart and listed down all activities I did daily. And then I quickly outsourced shit I didn't have to do.
  3. I built and ran Systems. Effective systems saved me time and money and worked predictably, day in, day out.
  4. I understood the concept of Leverage. Leverage is the power to maximise results with the least amount of time, money and effort on my part. This allowed me to duplicate myself, which freed me up to do what I loved.

After about a year of doing this, I stood back and tried to see my business from a Bird's Eye View.

The Secret Was Leverage

I realised that Gerber had essentially taught me to effectively use LEVERAGE.

I had freed myself up as a slave of my business, and was now a master of my destiny!

And by using leverage, my friend, is how you will never again wish for more hours in a day...

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