How to profit from the corona crisis

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How to Profit from the Corona Crisis



The COVID-19 Corona Virus is not going away any time soon.

We don't even know how long it's going to last.

Now that we have more time on our hands, how do we use this time to work our way up to becoming great realtors?

How do we use this opportunity to leverage our business?

Don't let this time go to waste.

It is easier to procrastinate  and avoid the things that need to be done right now, but we mustn't get sucked into this vortex.

During this crisis, we don't analyze where the business is not performing well. There is a crisis at out hands.

We should be thinking, as professionals, how can we figure out ways to serve the consumers better? How can we communicate and address their needs better?

Don't waste this opportunity away in playing the most trending game people are addicted to right now. Don't waste this opportunity in doing mindless or useless activities that don't add any income or any money to your bottom line.

Practice! Train yourself!

Just like Olympic athletes during this lockdown, they don't just laze around all day and binge-watch  movies, THEY KEEP PRACTICING.

It's what keep them in the game. It's what keeps them GREAT!

Don't break the routine. Keep the momentum!

As realtors, how do we continue to become great? Regardless of the economy, regardless the industry real estate is in?

How professional can someone become? How can someone become more professional?

Master your skills.

  1. Interpersonal Communication skills
  2. Sales skills
  3. Marketing skills
  4. Customer Service

These are just some on the list.

Use this time to lay the foundation for your business and when you have a strong foundation you will profit all the way!

Ultimately, your goal is to simply become BETTER.

All it takes is practice and PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT .

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