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Is Now The RIGHT Time to Become a Property Agent?



Is now the right time to become a property agent?

A lot of people have these kind of questions because especially right now in 2020, we are in the middle of a recession and the coronavirus is not going away anytime soon and you know there is a prospect of a vaccine coming up after more than six months to a year.

Definitely it's not a good thing, but many people are losing their jobs and their income and they are asking these kind of questions that should I become a real estate agent or is now the right time to be  an agent?

Every recession creates a lot of opportunities.

If you look at all the big companies out there (Google, Apple) they were created in economic recessions.

So a recession should not be stopping you from doing what you need to get started.

Let's imagine you get your license and as a realtor, you know your job is to sell houses, help sellers, help the buyers, help renters.

All of these people, despite being in a recession, need help with selling their home or buying their home.

Especially in a recession, it is going to be much harder for  people who want to DIY. Securing a loan is also going to be another issue that you need to understand.

Housing is a basic necessity.

This need doesn't stop even in a recession. Even in a boom people still need a place to stay. They need a roof over their family. They may have kids or parents to take care of.

And even in a recession, there will be investors seeking to make some passive income.

That's where you come in.

There are agents out there who are still killing it despite the recession.

So there really is NO EXCUSE!

Consider your strengths and weaknesses.

The inner world (you) is much more important in the outer world (which is basically the recession). Life still goes on in a recession. People need to eat food. Food needs to be grown and sold. Businesses may not be making money, shares may be down, but life still goes on.

Real Estate can be very profitable too.

Consider all of those entrepreneurs who succeeded even in a recession. They still succeeded. The secret was in their Successful Entrepreneurial Personality.

Successful Entrepreneurial Personality

One example of this is being highly trustworthy.

People with a very high level of trustworthiness are easily and rapidly trusted by strangers on first meeting.

That is why selling comes naturally to them.

Another example is their vigilance and flexibility.

They were vigilant enough to recognise opportunities when the market was changing and flexible enough to grab them very rapidly.

If this describes you, then there's good news! You will simply need to display your personality, be aware of what type of properties are in demand, and be flexible enough to change direction.

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