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Is Real Estate a REWARDING Career?1 min read



Is Real Estate a REWARDING Career?

Is it worth it to become a realtor?

Well, yes and no. 

People call real estate profession a career.


Careers have progressive, ascending career paths!

You start in one place and climb up a career ladder.

No such thing here!

And there’s no reward here for patience either!

Others say they are in business, but businesses function FOR their owners. The owner of ten McDonald’s restaurants does not get up every morning making cold calls or handing out flyers or going to networking meetings hoping to entice somebody to come in and buy a burger. Nor does he get behind the counter and cook the burgers. If you are doing the repetitive manual labour in the business, you are not the owner of a real business. If anything, you are owned by it.

Don’t bluff yourself and don’t let yourself be bluffed.

Business cards, a website, a fancy PowerPoint presentation are not a business.

Being nothing more than just another commissioned sales agent beating the bushes is not a business.

Many describe being a real estate agent a business, but theirs isn’t.

There can be a real estate agent business, but most are not, and bluntly, yours probably isn’t.

The guy with the five McDonald’s, the owner of shoe stores, the owner of the small manufacturing firm that makes nozzles for bottles sold at Amazon knows that some number of customers will come through the doors or some number of orders will arrive each week because there is Perpetual Motion in these businesses.

They are run by a true system.

Yes, the money flow varies a little week to week, month to month, year to year. A little. Up a little, down a little. But just a little. It is steady and predictable.

These businesses produce consistent income for their owners.

If yours doesn’t, it isn’t really a business at all.

When somebody finally admits this hard truth to themselves, after denying it to themselves and others for years, it can be pretty traumatic and dramatic.

If you have been growing your income by running faster, working harder, even working smarter, but not growing any EQUITY, you’ve fallen into a trap.

The only possible way to create a business out of this is by a SYSTEM - a real, complete system that gets clients for you, mostly automatically, and predictably, with reassuring constancy, and by having a team and circle of people in orbit around you, who function without micro managing or daily motivating, because of the SYSTEM.

I’ve conquered both those things.

When people realise they are in jobs and not in business, sometimes the shock causes them to quit.

Many professionals are opting out of income uncertainty and surrendering, officially, to jobs. Dentists, for example, are, in droves, selling their practices – in truth, jobs, not businesses – to big corporate chains and then going to work for them as employees. 9 to 5, free every weekend, 2 weeks paid vacation, CPF, and a steady pay check brought home every Friday, the same known-in-advance amount written on it every time.

Why? When people realise and admit they have jobs not businesses, they tire of having bad jobs. They get sick and tired of the worry and anxiety of income uncertainty.

As you have, or will.

  • Defending yourself to your spouse, family, friends.
  • Apologising for being called away, on call, for gulping dinner then going back out to do a listing presentation, later quietly slinking home empty-handed and disappointed.

I don’t want you to surrender. I don’t want you to stay in this thing as you are and as everybody else does it either. It’s not entirely your fault.

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