What can realtors do when they have no resources

What Can Realtors Do When They Have No Resources



Many property agents out there are worried that they lack resources.

They don't have enough money or don't have enough connections to succeed.

These prevent them to achieve their desired success and go out of business.

What can we do?

Here's the secret.

A lack of resources is NEVER the problem. 

Remember, an entrepreneur is someone who solves a problem for a profit.


Come up with innovative solutions.

Dont make up excuses where there are no excuses.

You don't need a lot of solutions but what you need is a lot of prospects coming into your office every single day.

Look at the gaps right and as you look at the gaps in an industry, you discover that you have the ability to make things happen.

This is how you can make business work.

Real estate doesn't sell like chocolate. Everyday people buy chocolate. It's not everyday a person gets up and says "Oh, today I'm buying a house right now."

No. It takes a length of time.

Learn about the right kind of marketing. It's not a cost.

When you do it right, every dollar you invest will give you triple, even ten times the investment.

This has has nothing to do with your money or your connections.

This has something to do with the entrepreneur in you.

Your own skill.  Your own personality.

Don't let lack of money keep you from making more money.

Don't let lack of connections hinder you from having the success that you want.

GO! Get up from your comfort zone. Take a little bit of risk for extra reward.

You can't let lack of staff or lack of any other resource stop you from achieving the sucess that you seriously want NOW.

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