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Why Boosting Posts on Facebook to Sell Listings is a BAD Idea1 min read



Many realtors upload their listings on their FB Page.

And see Facebook's suggestions to boost that post for a tiny cost of $5.

But, is that really a good investment? I reveal Why Boosting Posts on Facebook to Sell Listings is a BAD Idea.

Boosting Posts is a Bad Idea!

Here's why.

Too little rewards for too much work (and cost).

Sure, boosting a post for $5 a pop looks cheap.

But it really isn't cheap. It's DECEPTIVELY cheap! That's a surefire way to spend hundreds of dollars without ever seeing a positive return!

Bye bye ROI!

Why Facebook Doesn't Work for Realtors?

Because it doesn't belong to agent!

Obvious, isn't it? LOL!

The number one reason agents told me Facebook didn't work for real estate was because they were boosting posts! They were not getting their money back.

And obviously, because, agents forget this crucial fact: Facebook is a platform that works only for the interests of Mark, whatever that may be.

It doesn't work for realtors' interests! Facebook only wants their money!

This should be pretty obvious, yet agents keep forgetting this fact and keep getting burnt!

Facebook is not your company. It only works for Mark!

Why Facebook Shows the (Deceptively Attractive) Option to Boost a Post?

So, once we have this out of the way, the next thing you need to understand is why FB does it? Why does FB keep showing you recommendations to waste your hard-earned money?

Facebook is a social platform. It wants to keep people on Facebook while making money off of you. It's a business needing to make profits. Again, pretty obvious.

So it shows you cheap ways to spend more on your posts while giving you what they think you want (which is not really what you truly want).

Obviously, this isn't working out for many realtors. In fact, those agents start thinking Facebook doesn't give real estate business.

And so they TOTALLY QUIT advertising on Facebook!
They GIVE UP on Facebook Marketing, which is a valuable source for potential business to many realtors out there.

If other property agents are making money from Facebook, why aren't you?
All because you missed several critical signs that could have (and should have) worked in your favour.

Here's why.

The Hidden Dangers of Boosted Posts Property Agents Don't Realise:

  1. This creates more work for you, like, replying with Personal Messages, increasing repetitive back-and-forth and wasting time
  2. It forces you to play by prospects' rules because they don't have any skin in the game as they can stop replying whenever they want to
  3. It keeps prospects on Faecbook's platform (because the conversation ends on facebook, not on your website)
  4. It takes you away from Income Producing Activities (like appointments, viewings, presentations etc.)
  5. It wastes your money using the deceptively cheap budgets of $5 (but that isn't really cheap since an ROI of 0% is pretty much a HUGE loss)

Here's the biggest reason of all: It keeps you DEPENDENT on that one platform for business!

Like how some online property portals (hint! hint! you know which ones right?) enticed agents with free business and once they had enough members, they raised their fees! Then quadrupled it every year! And agents went up in arms!

Agents (finally) realised that there was no free lunch... (is there?)

Dan Kennedy once said,

"The WORST business is the business of ONE!"

If your business is overly reliant on one single strategy, one single platform, one single method, then your livelihood is in MORTAL danger!

The FAR Better Alternative to Boosting Posts For Peanuts

A much better way is to run ads that sends prospects to your landing page (kinda like a website with an offer and a form) which is direct response marketing, which is ideally suited to real estate as well.

In exchange for their email, phone and name, you get to build your own database!

And this will free you up from depending on Facebook (or online property portals)!

Your ultimate goal should be to build your own lists! Yes, you only want to sell houses and make money, but the world we live in is dominated by Google, Facebook et al.

Learn the rules, then play around them!

Advantages of Building Your Own List and Your Own Database:

  1. You take back CONTROL (because you're no longer at others' mercy)
  2. You maintain OWNERSHIP (you can do as your please)
  3. You have a real ASSET that appreciates in value year after year (because you don't start each year back from scratch)
  4. You can promote your listings at ANY TIME (and as often as you want)
  5. You can filter and QUALIFY prospects (based on what they do, not what they say they do)
  6. You can do it for almost FREE (since you're no longer paying other platforms and profits more than make up for the costs)

So now, the next logical question is, how to build you own list? How to do this without a degree in IT or wasting tons on money on developers? How to choose the best way to do this from all available options?

That's why my team built our very own software to take the pain out of building and maintaining a database. It's called AgentLEADS.
For a limited time, you can try https://www.agentleads.sg/ for free.

Now go sell houses!

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Yasser Khan is a real estate coach, speaker, and trainer at YasserKhan.SG who teaches Realtors how to make more Money, have more Time and enjoy more Freedom without all the B.S.


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