Would Realtors Survive if Property Guru Went Down_!

Would Realtors Survive if Property Guru Went Down?!


Could You Survive if Property Portals Suddenly Disappeared?

Would your realtor business be able to survive if Property Guru (or other online property portals) went down?

Many agents tell me they're very confident that they can close deals once they have a prospect in front of them, but they struggle with getting leads and inquiries.

In other words, they don't know how to get more inquiries.

That's bad news actually.

It’s Bad News

Here's something else agents also tell me.

They're pretty competent in closing deals.

But many struggle to get prospects in front of them.

And they're telling themselves that they need to:

  • Spend more money  to run more ads
  • Spend more time getting to know more people to increase their network

That's not true.

I had no money as a realtor, and I knew no one because of my shy personality, yet I got literally flooded with more leads than I knew what to do with.

The trouble is our agencies and training courses out there didn't teach us this.

There’s Good News For You

The secret to my success was in MARKETING.

The SKILL of Marketing is very important and that will give you the lifeblood of your business, which are inquiries and appointments.


No Appointments = No Money

But Clients buy real estate very infrequently, so we need numbers to make this business work for us.

And the numbers come from doing the right kind of marketing.

The Right Marketing Makes All the Difference

I know this because it happened to me.

When you become a student of marketing, your business grows because you're doing an 'Income Producing Activity'.

I learned this insight from my mentor Dan Kennedy. At the time, I had been struggling to get inquiries because I too thought I needed more money to burn on ads.

I Had it Harder Than Others

And I also assumed I needed to know more people, but I was naturally a shy person. Real estate has traditionally been rewarding to outgoing realtors.

I threw flyers but that got me nowhere.

I knocked on doors until I almost got arrested. And I never knocked on doors again in my life.

And nobody was more surprised than me after I got flooded with leads while I was staying at my mum's house to save travel costs.

That was the day I realised that Marketing was the key skill every realtor needs to master. Dan's teachings worked in America, and I had seen it work in Asia and in Singapore.

Specifically, Direct Response Marketing.

What is Direct Response Marketing?

It's the best kind of marketing there is out there. It gives prospects what they want in way that will attract them to reach out to you first.

Doing that, you will stop chasing prospects and get them to come to you first.

That is how you attract more clients, more buyers, more sellers and more landlords to you!

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