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What is the BEST Real Estate Training Course for Realtors?1 min read


I get it.

There are tons of training courses and even free resources out there.
(I'm not talking about licensing courses that realtors are required by law to pass. This post is not about RES or REA exams or even CPD Courses. I'm talking about... ahem... every *other* course out there. )

How do you know which training course is the best for YOU?

It's simple, really.
All you need is this;

  1. Practical, Hands-On Implementation and
  2. Accountability Partners.

In my courses, I'll give you BOTH.

Here's why.

Knowledge Is a Seductive Trap

You don't need more theory.


Theory on its own is useless; knowledge is a trap, because, all it does is stay in your HEAD.


  • Thinking,
  • planning,
  • musing,
  • plotting,
  • procrastinating,
  • learning...

none of these produce results.


My courses give you step-by-step action plans to get you closer to YOUR life goals.
Small actions you complete give you a COMPOUND EFFECT.
Your results GROW.

But Taking Action By Yourself is Not Going to be Nearly Enough

Because, unless you have someone watching over you, you're gonna get derailed.


Most people, including agents, are a little asleep at the wheel.

They're run by their past bad habits. Like avoiding doing the important stuff (like finishing the course).

Too many agents have taken too many courses which they did not benefit from.

  • They got bored.
  • They got sidetracked.
  • They got distracted.
  • They got a 'better' course.

All that wastage because of the bad habit of avoiding the important stuff.

So they did not stay the course. They procrastinated.

Even if they got shit done, they did it half-way.

And the missing ingredient is ACCOUNTABILITY.

You need to be held accountable, or you won't achieve your goals.

Accountability is the glue that sticks your results to YOU.
Without being held accountable for your actions, you will never stay the course.

In other words, you'll continue hungering for the next 'shiny' new thing, the next 'breakthrough' trick, the next 'revolutionary' product.

You'll keep going around in circles.
Unconsciously stuck.

And getting 'unstuck' requires working closely with Accountability Partners.

An accountability partner keeps you on track and kicks your butt when you veer off track. 
Kinda like a Discipline Master in school who 'punishes' you for avoiding or procrastinating doing the important stuff.
(Relax. My Accountability Partners don't jail, fine or cane people. We're not dictators.)

Oftentimes, all you need is a bit of tough love to reach the finishing line.

That brings me to another point.

Don't Forget, Momentum IS Everything

Because, once you have been taking actions consistently, under the watchful gaze of an Accountability Partner, you gain momentum.

Therefore, the biggest threat to you is LOSING MOMENTUM after your course is over.

But too many courses stop your progress on the last day.
You get your certificate, then it's back to normal.
But it doesn't have to be that way.
My weekly Clinics keeps your momentum going long after the course has ended.

I have:

  1. Q&A HelpLines to answer any of your questions and concerns
  2. Ad Clinics to troubleshoot your ads that you learn in my courses
  3. Role Play Clinics to troubleshoot your appointments and closings
  4. Coaching Calls to keep track of your progress and provide ongoing accountability

That's why my real estate training courses are the BEST!

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Yasser Khan is a real estate coach, speaker, and trainer at YasserKhan.SG who teaches Realtors how to make more Money, have more Time and enjoy more Freedom without all the B.S.


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