200 ways to attract real estate leads

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200 Ways to Attract, Capture, and Nurture Real Estate Leads1 min read

Looking for more real estate lead generation ideas besides cold calling and door knocking? Generating quality leads is how every real estate agent sustains their business, and this requires never ending effort. The fact that good real estate lead generation ideas can significantly impact your business is nothing new. In fact, the true reason behind why some real estate agents may not make a lot of money or even quit the industry is because of not having a consistent pipeline of incoming real estate leads. And this can often be easily fixed by trying out new ideas and ways of getting home buyer and seller contacts, on top of what you are already getting right now.

ways to attract real estate leads

The Ultimate List of 200 Ideas to Get Real Estate Home Buyer Seller Leads in 2022 and Beyond

Check out this special guide featuring 200 different marketing ideas you can use to advance your real estate marketing strategy, and — over time — more easily and efficiently attract new listing website visitors, turn those individuals into workable leads, move those prospects through your marketing and sales funnel, and convert them into new clients.

I've strived to make the core idea behind each list very simple and very easy to understand, without lengthy explanations.. Take each item on the list at face value and go ahead to implement the ones you think will give you better returns.

Remember, there are no bad ideas, only bad implementation.

  1. Contents

    Build strategic partnerships with other professionals.

  2. Throw a housewarming party.

  3. Become a restaurant regular.

  4. Send a handwritten note.

  5. Improve your copywriting.

  6. Learn and master making better offers.

  7. Improve your story telling skills.

  8. Leverage the internet to advertise at scale.

  9. Advertise through more traditional media.

  10. Build websites for your team members.

  11. Invest in digital name cards that use NFC technology.

  12. Develop a niche in real estate.

  13. Use 'Coming Soon' signs.

  14. Head to an open house.

  15. Generate leads via LinkedIn Groups.

  16. Organise educational events.

  17. Don’t neglect calling and following up with leads.

  18. Target 'For Sale by Owner' FSBO listings.

  19. Target 'For Rent by Owner' FRBO listings.

  20. Reach out to expired listings.

  21. Reach out to friends and family.

  22. Rely on satisfied customers to generate referrals.

  23. Work with divorce leads.

  24. Partner with divorce lawyers.

  25. Follow Facebook pages and Groups specific to your city.

  26. Join LinkedIn groups specific to real estate.

  27. Find in-person or online networking events on Meet Up.

  28. Answer real estate questions on Quora.

  29. Join real estate communities on Slack.

  30. Research Instagram hashtags to uncover new ways to reach home buyers or sellers.

  31. Build your website dedicated to your own personal brand and several real estate sites for real estate.

  32. Add photos of the listings you represent on the homepage image slideshow.

  33. Incorporate explanatory copy over the slideshow photos displayed.

  34. Write in-depth copy for your homepage that briefly explains your brand.

  35. Feature at least one insightful testimonial on your website homepage.

  36. Design branded images and photos you can use it on your slideshow too.

  37. Showcase a dozen of the best local marketing listings on your homepage.

  38. Link your social media accounts to social sharing buttons on each page.

  39. Sync your blog with your homepage to feature the latest posts published.

  40. Include a mortgage calculator at the bottom of your website homepage.

  41. Implement a homepage form that allows visitors to contact your agents.

  42. Mention your certifications and designations on your about page.

  43. Note your sales history on this page as well to show your record of closed deals.

  44. Detail the specific real estate niche or market you serve on the about page.

  45. Relay your local housing market knowledge to prove your expertise.

  46. Make your headshot prominent on this page for visual branding.

  47. Include the total number of homes you’ve sold or helped buyers purchase.

  48. Demonstrate your success by noting the total value of closed deals too.

  49. Be human — that is, personable and relatable — in your about page copy.

  50. Link to an explainer video or guide that offers more brand information.

  51. Promote your brand with a modest sales pitch for your real estate agency.

  52. Highlight all of the members of your agency on a dedicated team page.

  53. Provide brief job descriptions for each person at your real estate firm.

  54. Ensure you have professional headshots of each employee for this page.

  55. Spotlight a few testimonials of each sales rep on their agent subpages.

  56. Link to your portal profiles (e.g. Zillow, 99.co) and those of your agents.

  57. Make sure each agent’s business background is shared here as well.

  58. Create a recruitment page to secure applications from potential hires.

  59. Post a graphic to this page that provides an agency history timeline.

  60. Accentuate the company culture by publishing agent profile videos.

  61. Embed an interactive map showing where your firm has sold listings.

  62. Develop an area page that goes into detail about your entire market.

  63. Craft community pages that outline what’s going on all around town.

  64. Generate neighbourhood pages that discuss micro areas in your market.

  65. Find several links to local establishments you can add to these pages.

  66. Interview influential locals and feature their insights here as well.

  67. Produce videos about your market to embed them on these pages.

  68. Take photos around town and incorporate those on the pages too.

  69. List out notable facts about your market on your main area page.

  70. Note what makes each part of your market unique neighbourhood pages.

  71. Detail schools, businesses, restaurants, et cetera in your market here.

  72. Set a reminder every few days to promote the new listings featured on your LISTINGS page.

  73. Test different types of listings to add to LISTINGS pages to see which earn more.

  74. Implement Map Search on your LISTINGS pages to offer a modern search experience.

  75. Add the Natural Language Search bar to LISTINGS pages to simplify buyers’ searches.

  76. Create different LISTINGS pages for different niches (e.g. for various price ranges).

  77. Include a dozen or so photos of each LISTINGS listing on each property details page.

  78. Ensure all relevant MLS data is featured on all of your property detail pages.

  79. For your listings, make the MLS listing descriptions as appealing as possible.

  80. Embed a school map here that shows all educational institutions in your market.

  81. Let visitors know when showings are happening with an open house calendar link.

  82. Develop a dedicated testimonials page featuring short-form client reviews.

  83. Generate a separate reviews page featuring some long-form client feedback.

  84. On both pages, add headshots or other photos of the clients in question.

  85. Create a PDF case study compiling all client reviews to offer as a download.

  86. Get some clients on camera to shoot review videos you can embed site-wide.

  87. Mash up all of that footage into one mega-testimonial video you can promote.

  88. Add links to these pages and videos in your email marketing campaigns.

  89. Post some of your reviews and similar content to your social media accounts.

  90. Feature other client insights on other pages of your website (e.g. blog posts).

  91. Design an infographic compiling the best testimonials provided to you.

  92. Put together some infographics highlighting local housing market data.

  93. Create checklists and reports for your particular home buyer or seller audience.

  94. Conduct Q&As with local influencers and turn them into attractive guides.

  95. Shoot and publish several videos spotlighting brands around your market.

  96. Craft videos that explain general buying or selling concepts for visitors.

  97. Post videos featuring your agency staff to humanize your brand online.

  98. Review local restaurants and shops and share your thoughts via video.

  99. Embed your Twitter timeline on your website to spark social engagements.

  100. Publish a graphic that shows your sales numbers versus the local agent average.

  101. Develop a monthly or quarterly digital magazine to share company news.

  102. Research popular, long-tail, locally focused keywords to add to your site.

  103. Segment those keywords into distinct groups for each website page.

  104. Download SEO Guides to better rank your website.

  105. Include pertinent keywords in the URL.

  106. Add keywords to your pages’ meta data (e.g. title tags, meta descriptions).

  107. Integrate subject-specific keywords into all of your website blog posts.

  108. Only publish content your audience wants (e.g. posts about your market).

  109. Keep visitors on your website longer by linking to other site pages often.

  110. Link to other reputable, relevant sites to enhance your search ranking.

  111. Ensure your UX is stellar by offering clean site navigation on each page.

  112. Add Call To Action button at top of your page.

  113. Adjust pages with “weak” keywords by replacing them with new ones.

  114. Double down on “strong” keywords by creating new pages using them.

  115. Capitalize on local trends and events by adding related keywords to your site.

  116. “Own” brand keywords by using them on your homepage and about pages.

  117. Examine your keywords’ popularity weekly in Google Keyword Planner.

  118. Get other websites (e.g. local blogs) to link back to your AgentLEADS site.

  119. Avoid linking to “low-quality” sites (e.g. spammy sites, shady brands).

  120. Revamp the copy and multimedia for pages that fail to grow organically.

  121. Fix broken links, images, and videos ASAP to avoid an SEO rank drop.

  122. Survey leads to see what they want you to write about on your blog.

  123. Identify common questions buyers and sellers ask, then write about them.

  124. Create an editorial calendar to map out your ideas and schedule posts.

  125. Research other real estate agents’ websites to learn what they blog about.

  126. Blog about your market: housing data, design trends, new construction, news.

  127. Write roundups of fun things going on in and around your community.

  128. Offer home decor and maintenance advice for your local audience.

  129. Share the occasional opinion piece on the state of your local market.

  130. Mention other top vendors and businesses in your area (e.g. lenders).

  131. Do a blog post series on up-and coming neighbourhoods around town.

  132. Curate other content you find online you think your audience would enjoy.

  133. Develop real estate-oriented listicle articles (a la BuzzFeed).

  134. Create a “best-of” post series about interesting aspects of your market.

  135. Share your real estate wisdom with tips-and-tricks and how-to posts.

  136. Promote the homes you represent by creating “new-listings” articles.

  137. Recommend locals you think your visitors should follow on social media.

  138. Recap the homes your agency closed in the last 30 days in a monthly article.

  139. List out several resources to help your buyer or seller audience in a post.

  140. Spotlight the best schools in your area and reviews others have written.

  141. Provide a summary of an event you conduct or attend (e.g. local meetup).

  142. “Boost” organic Facebook posts to drive even more traffic to your site.

  143. Launch Facebook ad campaigns that link back to various site pages

  144. When hosting Facebook Live events, direct viewers back to your website.

  145. Share links to your blog posts and website resources on Facebook.

  146. Link to website pages with lead capture in local Facebook Groups.

  147. Tweet links to your real estate listings early and often on Twitter.

  148. Automate shares featuring links to blog posts on your AgentLEADS site.

  149. Conduct Twitter Q&As with your audience, then share links to your site.

  150. Pin links to high-converting pages atop your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  151. Post photos and videos of your listings daily on these social network

  152. Add your real estate website homepage link to each social media bio.

  153. Update your brand’s Pinterest board with blog post links regularly.

  154. Schedule daily updates to LinkedIn featuring recent blog entry links.

  155. Include your site URL in all social media banner and header images.

  156. Implement social “share” buttons for each blog post on your website.

  157. Follow others on all social media to attract more attention to your accounts.

  158. “Like” and “favourite” several shares daily to drive awareness to your pages.

  159. Engage with those who interact with your shares to increase site traffic.

  160. Hold social media contests to generate more brand buzz and site visits.

  161. Join the most important Real Estate Groups & follow inspirational Instagram accounts.

  162. Track your real estate leads’ activity on your AgentLEADS website.

  163. Organize, segment, and score the leads in your CRM system accordingly.

  164. Set regular tasks and reminders to keep in touch with your leads.

  165. Add detailed notes to each lead’s profile as new details emerge.

  166. Update your CRM database while on the go with AgentLEADS Mobile.

  167. Import prospects from other lead generation sources (e.g. Zillow, PropertyGuru).

  168. Use your CRM reporting to see where your leads are coming from.

  169. Schedule drip email campaigns for each of your lead segments.

  170. Allot time each week to refresh your drip email marketing campaigns.

  171. Include links to your hottest and latest listings in drip emails to leads.

  172. Make sure your website and your agents’ websites are consistent with your brand’s visual identity.

  173. Contact our sales department if you want us to build your website from scratch.

  174. Make AgentLEADS your main lead management system with an Advanced subscription.

  175. Choose Office Builder Subscription if you want to offer and manage digital marketing for their agents.

  176. Pay $5 only for Agents who have active (launched) AgentLEADS website.

  177. Have quick access to your agents’ websites.

  178. Collaborate with Ride Hailing Apps like Uber, Ryde, Grab etc. to feature you for a fee.

  179. Find popular apps for ad placement on the App Store or Google Play Store.

  180. Get popular online forums to feature you.

  181. Get ad placements on free classifieds portals like Craigslist.

  182. Advertise on local newspapers and hobby magazines.

  183. Collaborate with renovation portals to showcase your services for a flat fee or a percentage.

  184. Reach out to Contractors and building professionals.

  185. Negotiate a referral fee with mortgage brokers.

  186. Place hanging flyers in trains, taxis, buses and other forms of public transportation.

  187. Distribute flyers.

  188. Showcase your sales and results on your flyers

  189. Author a book about  real estate topics you are an expert in.

  190. Sell your book on Amazon.

  191. Give away free copies of your book to past clients.

  192. Give away free copies of your book to prospects in appointments.

  193. Use AgentLEADS integrations to connect with leads across the web, market your website, promote your content, and much more.

  194. Order a free copy of my book Property Agent Secrets

  195. Download my entire Marketing Library of all the member’s ads that I wrote.

  196. Sign up for an 'Ad Clinic' where I troubleshoot all your ads.

  197. Sign up for my Coaching Program

  198. Check other Training Resources and Downloadable materials from YKC.

  199. Outsource your website marketing projects with YKC Services.

  200. Get regular online marketing advice from YKC by signing up for my email newsletter.


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