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39 Mistakes You Should NEVER Make in 2019 if You Are a Property Agent


It’s 2019 and I still see many Singapore Realtors making a ton of mistakes.

OK, I’ve made my fair share of embarrassing mistakes in my time too.

And I often wished someone could have warned me before I drove myself silly with regret and frustration. Often, I wasted valuable time correcting errors I could easily have prevented had I been more vigilant.

So, in the spirit of helping fellow agents, here is my list of mistakes that I would have warned my own self if I was a full time realtor today in 2019.
I have grouped these mistakes according to the categories they belong to:


  1. Not differentiating yourself from all the other 28,000+ realtors in Singapore
  2. Taking prospects for granted
  3. Assuming prospects will automatically call you
  4. Worrying often about too much competition
  5. Thinking your Agency’s branding will work for you


6. Expecting free handouts from Uplines and Team Leaders

7. Not taking full advantage of opportunities, resources and education provided by your agency

8. Being unprofessional by stealing other agents’ clients

9. Changing agencies often, thinking the next one will make you a top producer


10. Not running any advertising at all

11. Assuming you need a $10,000+ budget for marketing and advertising

12. Running some advertising but frequently pausing it out of fear

13. Not stopping bad advertising or killing bad ads in time

14. Spying on other agents’ listings to see what they have to sell

15. Spying on other agents’ advertising and clicking their ads at their expense

16. Using ineffective marketing and not recognising what is effective

17. Using outdated methods in a post internet world

18. Getting angry with PropertyGuru wanting to make money (or any other service provider)


19. Not wanting to learn new things

20. Thinking product knowledge is enough

21. Learning all the time but never applying anything

22. Thinking you already know it all

23. Assuming you don’t have the time for education

24. Not learning how to use newer technologies or being simply too afraid

25. Not being flexible with new changes

26. Wasting money on courses which are not specific/tailored to Singapore real estate

Follow Up

27. Not following up at all

28. Not following up fast enough

29. Assuming they will call you back after your first missed call

30. Being disorganised and inconsistent with follow up

Customer Service

31. Taking past clients for granted

32. Doing a mediocre job of servicing your existing clients

33. Not bothering to communicate often with past and/or current clients

34. Assuming clients will automatically refer you to others


35. Recruiting too early when personal sales are not big enough

36. Delegating ineffectively to downlines

37. Hiring the wrong agents in team

38. Neglecting to train downlines, thinking they know

39. Expecting super salesmen within just days after recruiting

By the way, this list of mistakes is by no means exhaustive.

This is just the tip of the iceberg that I personally uncovered.

I explain how to solve all the above 39 mistake permanently in my new upcoming book, Property Agent Secrets, with practical, easy-to-follow tips and detailed Action Plans.

You’ll never make these silly mistakes again.

Book pre orders are opening soon after my website goes live.
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