5 Outdated Methods Realtors Still Use in 2020

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5 Outdated Methods Realtors Still Use in 20201 min read



Nowadays, everything and everyone seems to be online. It's all the rage now.

The pandemic and lockdown may have forced many to adopt newer solutions over old fashioned ones.

Yet, I still see some agents desperately clinging to outdated methods.

5 outdated methods realtors still use in 2020

And I'm going to talk about 5 methods in detail that many agents find the hardest to let go of.
These are:

  1. Cold Calling
  2. Door Knocking
  3. Networking
  4. Manually throwing flyers
  5. Blasting SMSes

1. Cold calling

Making unsolicited calls to strangers is cold calling. It's kinda like marrying someone without knowing them.

But why is it so hard to stop? Cold calling is used by people who do not know how to generate leads.

I absolutely abhorred making cold calls. The damage to my self esteem was too disastrous to sustain this horrid activity. I'm positive nobody loves cold calling. I also found the only people who love cold calling are the ones who have never made a single cold call in their entire lives!

2. Door Knocking

Nothing shouts a hungry salesman more than knocking doors at strangers' houses to beg for their business.

To me, door knocking is the basest form of begging. Nothing comes close to humiliating a salesman more than banging a door loudly in his face and watching him wilt.

The first time I did door knocking, the owner called the police. I was so traumatised that I never knocked on another door in my life again. After learning the right marketing methods, I didn't have to.

3. Networking

When I first joined as a realtor over 12 years ago, I was told to go talk to strangers.

And I was terrified!

Being a shy person, chatting up total strangers in the hopes of getting them to engage my services was absolutely nerve-wracking.

To make matters worse, I was not even born with the gift of the gab. So I was never good at small talk.

4. Manually Throwing Flyers

Before I tried my hand at cold calling and door knocking, my direct upline told me to throw flyers to get business.

But over a period of a few weeks, all I found was the rubbish bins full of my discarded flyers.

5. Blasting SMSes

This is something no agent wants to admit, but getting unsolicited SMSes is a pain.

Everybody thinks SMS has the highest open rates at 100%.

But what nobody realises is that the rejection rates (and prospect annoyance) completely eliminates this perceived advantage.

It's not an advantage at all.

Plus, sms companies have their own agenda for keeping agents dependent on them for lists and numbers; they want agents' business.

Be careful of these vendors.

So, I talked about how and why these were outdated methods. Now. I'll explain much better alternatives that help you keep your sanity, wallet and dignity intact.

5 Newer Methods to REPLACE the outdated ones:

Here are the more enlightened, modern solutions to each of these:

  1. Cold Calling = Getting prospects to call you first (aka Reverse Prospecting)
  2. Door Knocking = Converting prospects to appointments by presenting benefits (using my Benefits-rich Presentation Systems)
  3. Networking = Using automated Referrals to send an increase in business to you consistently.
  4. Throwing Flyers = Using Automated Direct Mail to build customer loyalty
  5. Blasting SMSes = Using automated Messenger bots to keep clients informed

That's it!

If you want to know these new strategies in detail, I suggest you get a copy of my book Property Agent Secrets. I explain these in much greater detail at https://www.propertyagentsecrets.com/. I'll buy the book for you, but you cover the shipping.

Fair enough?

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