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how door knocking nearly got me arrested?

"I'm calling the police!" He shouted angrily at me.

It was 1030 PM on a Monday night in 2008, ten years ago, and I was still up mindlessly knocking doors at HDB flats.

It was the day I nearly got arrested by the Police 👮.

You see, I was desperate to sell houses because I was barely making ends meet.

The year 2008 was almost ending and I had hardly scraped a living.

As long as I could sell anything to anyone & everyone, I was more than willing.

I was in debt.

But I was naive and young, not knowing even HDB have timing for door knocking.

(No trespassing after 10 PM.)

I was also stubborn, refusing to accept that door knocking did not work.

(Why not? Because decision makers got home at 6PM, and didn't want to be bothered after 10PM, leaving me only 4 short hours to work my ass off. I couldn't farm on weekends. That was a terrible window.)

So here I was at a Farrer Park HDB Block, waking people up from their sleep to try to convince them to sell their house.

I guess I must have knocked on about 49 doors.

So far, no one had opened.

I was almost leaving when I heard one of the doors being unlocked and a yawning man stepped outside, looking left and right.

"You knocked at my door, is it?" He accused me.

"Ya. Wanna sell your house?" I was still in ' Hard Selling Mode'.

(Stubborn, right? That was me then.)

"Huh? At this hour? Really meh?" He couldn't believe his own ears.

"I'm calling the police!"

He shouted angrily at me.

Then his wife and the police officers came.

That was the time when I truly questioned myself,

'Is door knocking really worth it?'

So after about 15 minutes of 'questioning' by Officer Wan, I was escorted out.

But not before I whispered to the officer not to tell my mother about my 'misadventure'.

He was very understanding, of course.

I never knocked on a door to sell houses again.

And I've never looked back since.

And the moral of the story is?

Stop Door Knocking.

Start Reverse Prospecting (getting prospects to chase you).

More peace of mind. Less stress.  And no police. ;P

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