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How I Invented the Electric Car for Real Estate1 min read

Your programming is so intrinsic to your mental process that you are hardly aware of its existence, until you try to communicate with someone with a different programming.” – Donella Meadows

I read an article a while back that revealed that widespread use of electric cars would reduce oil demand (and the demand for imported oil) MORE than use of all renewable power sources COMBINED, such as solar and nuclear.

The numbers were pretty staggering ... something like a 2.5 million barrel a day reduction in oil use if only one in three car owners used electric cars.

This scenario would reduce emissions by 7 percent (3 percentage points more than a proposed national renewable standard) and reduce reliance on oil imports from 60 percent to 40 percent.

Most of us fall into the kind of “mind trap” described above at some point in our lives, and I wonder how many of you have been ensnared by narrow thinking?

Huge effort, energy and finances are being put behind a national renewable standard which is thought to be the correct path to solve the looming energy crisis.

That’s the road we’re going down, and we’re going to travel it fast and hard and with blinders on.

I’m oversimplifying this, of course, but I’m doing so because I want to make a really important point. In the example above, we can see that an entirely different way of approaching the same problem could almost double the results.

Can you see any parallels to this in your own business?

How many real estate agents have stood like a deer in the headlights watching the rough market ... ANY market for that matter ... bearing down on them at full speed, and decided that the way to get through it was to simply work harder and longer?

The truth is that property agents struggle with lead generation in EVERY SINGLE MARKET ... good, bad and ugly.

And the typical knee-jerk reaction is: Instead of doing a hundred cold calls a day, do three hundred. Instead of spending four hours a day door knocking, spend ten.

In other words, do more of what you’ve been doing and do it faster and for longer because perhaps tripling your effort can help you stay afloat.

To me, this sounds a little like trying to outrun a Tsunami.

I know from my own experience that you can’t outrun your problems in this way ... I tried

But what if doing something else entirely could double or triple your results in half the time?

What if there really were a better way – a MUCH better way – of mapping out how to market real estate – how to attract clients, to build a profitable, consistently profitable, business.

Obviously this is an attractive thought, but the truth is that many agents get so busy doubling and tripling their efforts – doing, doing, doing – that they never stop long enough to consider how efficient those efforts are and if there actually could be an entirely different and better way to get them even closer to their goals.

I’m speaking from my own experience.

I got hungry for success very early in my career. But being the number one agent in my team was both a triumph and a curse for me. It’s like an academy award winning actor who can now no longer carelessly pursue his or her career, quite conscious that their every move from now on will be measured against this win.

I became so possessed with keeping up the performance I’d set for myself that my life became quite secondary to my obsession with this business. I was the one putting in eighteen hour days, 7 days a week because, at that point, I felt that was the only way to keep pushing the envelope.

Thankfully I was wrong and ultimately discovered my own equivalent of the electric car.

I discovered, among other things, that I didn’t have to trade my time to chase after prospects because there was an easy way to get prospects to chase me instead.

Can you imagine how life changing this realisation was?

It was like someone who had been blind from birth suddenly given the gift of sight. Or being woken up from a coma.

I had spent so long killing myself by following the old rules that it took something huge to stop me long enough to open my eyes.

That “something” was what we call “burn out”.

I was so worn out and depressed with how much it was taking out of me that I came very close to quitting the property industry altogether.

Until I read Michael Gerber's bestselling book 'The E-Myth'.

He opened my eyes to the reality hiding in plain sight, that my business was dependent on me. That I had to take myself out of the equation and set up a way to do old things in a new way without my direct or personal involvement. This realisation forced me to look to technology for a solution. I was the limiting factor.

What I did next was to hire the best programmers money could buy and tell them to create a full, 360 degree, fully integrated system for me. I coughed up $50,000 out of my first big commissions to make this happen. I had never spent that much money in one go on anything ever before.

It took a lot of work to get there. After 9 long months and numerous time-consuming revisions with my Software Development team, I turned my system on in September 2009.

For the first time in my career, I now had a well-oiled machine running my entire agent business on autopilot, without my direct involvement and time.

This was totally unheard of... How could you automate real estate? Was it even possible? Especially in Singapore? In an economic downturn (2009) no less?

I didn't realize it then, but this system would go on to transform other Singapore Property Agents' lives as well. It was like I invented an electric car for Real Estate.

I was now getting a lot of leads a month consistently, and I had a system in place to automatically serve buyers and sellers.

Interested buyers would book appointments with me and my System gave me a MASSIVE closing rate of 85%. (Before, I had a very poor closing rate of just 20%)

My clients were getting WOWED by my stellar customer service.

I was getting way MORE business than I ever had before, and ironically, I was working ten times LESSER than before, while ENJOYING it a hundred times more!

But still.

It’s really HARD to change the way you’re used to doing things.

Not because the new way is difficult or expensive, but because there are a whole truckload of emotions that get in the way: fear, disbelief, self-doubt.

And that big one – programming.

The answer to how you can really make this industry work for you (instead of against you) is staring you in the face but you are unable to see it because what you think and believe you’re seeing is so ingrained that you’re blind to any other interpretation.

It’s like those optical illusions I’m sure you've seen before – the drawing with the young lady/old lady or the one with the two faces/vase, where you will see either one thing or the other, depending on how you look at it.

And if you don’t look closely, if you become narrow-minded and so focused that you only see one of the images, you simply can’t see that the other exists at all.

Probably one of the best of these that I've seen can be found below, where the picture amazingly flips between Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe (move back 15 feet away and try to see this picture again).

Two pretty different looking people I’m sure you’d agree, and yet, there she is staring at you without you even being aware UNLESS you do as instructed and stand 15 feet away.

That’s what I challenge you to do.

Take a day or two and stand a distance away from your business so you can more objectively evaluate what’s really working and what’s not, and what you can do to achieve explosive growth.

My upcoming Agent Marketing Audit would be an excellent way for you to do this, by the way.

It’s ultimately your decision how to spend the rest of your life, of course.

You can continue to work as hard as you do for as little as you do because, in your heart of hearts, you can’t stop believing that hard work is the only way to win.

Or, you could take off the blinders that are holding you back and embrace a better way by jumping into my system with both feet. Not so risky really, given the hundreds of success stories that precede you.

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Yasser Khan earned less than $1,000 in his first year as a full time property agent. With no money for the $2 train fare to his Broker's office, he was forced to walk 25 kilometers on foot. Worse, he got evicted at midnight with his wife and baby son by the roadside. Desperate, he bought a $16 Sales book and took massive action. That single investment in himself gave him an OBSCENE ROI of $160,000 in just 11 months. Today, Yasser is on a mission to make the real estate great career again and helps ambitious agents quadruple their commission income within 90 days.

Yasser Khan is a real estate coach at YasserKhan.SG, trainer at and the author of Property Agent Secrets Book who teaches Realtors how to make more Money, have more Time and enjoy more Freedom without all the B.S. plaguing the industry today.  

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When Yasser isn’t coaching, he loves playing GOTY PC Games with top-of-the-line Razer products and being a kid again with his 3 naughty children (actually, boss babies...), traveling to and across scenic Pakistan, enjoying hot & spicy food, taking pictures of the Milky Way with his favourite Canon DSLR and reading up all about Dinosaurs (especially T. Rex)


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