How NOT to Sound Like a Robot When Using a Script

How NOT to Sound Like a Robot When Using a Script



  • "How do you read a script?"
  • "How to sound natural when reading a script?"
  • "How do I practice real estate scripts so they don't sound robotic to prospects?"

I hear these questions all the time.

But before I answer, let me address the elephant in the room first:
Do you even need real estate scripts and dialogues?

Why even use a SCRIPT in the first place?

The objective of using a  real estate script for buyers or seller lead script is very simple.

It is to:

  1. keep you ON TRACK and
  2. keep you ORGANISED.


And the script will uncover a lot of information that is not forthcoming from the prospect.
(Let's be real. Prospects don't always tell you the whole truth. They'll often B.S. you.)

And best of all, it's an insurance for you against following the prospects' scripts.
(Yes, even prospects are using scripts all the time. No, you don't win in their script!)

Shocking, huh?!
That's why a telecalling script for real estate is very important for you to follow.

Now, when many agents read the real estate calling script for the first time, obviously they are going to sound monotonous or they're going to sound robotic right?

Because, they haven't had enough practice and this is precisely the reason why so many agents foolishly don't want to use a script!

That's because, in their haste to not sound like a robot, they end up having worse problems, like no appointments!
(Remember prospects have their own script? If agents don't even use a script, who wins? The prospect, that's who!)

That's a disaster!!

So using a script is the ultimate secret weapon that you are going to have in your arsenal!

The secret to NOT Sounding like a Robot

It's simple, really.

It just takes PRACTICE.

Just like most skills in life.
Think of the stuff you're great at.
I bet it took a lot of practice, right?

It's true, because we're wired that way.
We learn from extensive repetition.

The fact of the matter is,


We only learn something new (such as how to drive a car) through extensive repetition – through extensive trying and failing.

For example, remember the very first time you drove a car.

Wasn’t it pretty terrifying?

You had to consciously think about how to do each little thing – how far to turn the steering wheel, how hard to press the accelerator, how to get the car to go where you desired, how hard to press the brake and when to back off, how to not hit parked cars, etc.

I know that I was drenched with sweat after my first short drive.
I felt exhausted, physically, emotionally, and mentally.
It was really hard work.

Now compare the memory of your initial driving experience with how you drive today.

If you’re like most drivers, you pay almost no attention to the mechanics of driving.
You talk on your phone or think of where you are going, what’s for dinner, how to fix some problem at work, etc.
The actual driving is easy because, from a conscious point of view, it’s pretty automatic.

Your successful unconscious habit patterns that you developed through extensive trial and error and repetition are doing the driving.

They are dealing successfully with the complexity of the world through which you are driving.

Here’s another example.

You probably can’t remember learning to read but I can assure you that it was extremely challenging.

The first thing you had to do was to recognise that some squiggles were letters.
Then you had to learn that letters put together properly made words, and to associate those combinations of letters with the spoken version of those words.

Then you had to recognise the meaning of words and associate that with the appropriate combinations of letters…etc.

In contrast, reading is automatic for you now.
Isn’t it?

Automatic, that is, unless you try to read Russian when you don’t know the Cyrillic alphabet, don’t know the language, and don’t know the way sentences are structured.

Try that and you may remember what it was like when you first learned to read English.

Now you read English automatically thanks to a multiplicity of complex unconscious habit patterns that you developed through extensive trial and error and repetition.

Learning to use a script is like learning to drive a car or learning to read.


And then it become pretty much automatic.
That is the only secret you need to know to not sound like a robot when calling prospects with a script.

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