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How to Get Clients Without Spending Money on Ads?



Are you the type of agent who ONLY wants to work with Qualified leads?

Meaning, ready-to-buy home Buyers and Sellers EXCLUSIVELY?

Maybe, putting it quite bluntly, because you might be starved for cash?!

Or maybe because only qualified leads make you money Right Now!

So that's why you don't want to wait for the unqualified ones... because they're a waste of your time and your money. You're not sure if they're really going to buy or not. They might be playing a waiting game. Or they're waiting for the market to improve... Sitting on their hands, always waiting...

I can understand that impatience.

And even I personally used to be like that.

But, I've got something to tell you!

And you may not like to hear it, but I'll still tell you anyway.

If you only want Quality Leads, who buy right now, who make you money now, then prepare to be disappointed!

The Low Hanging Fruit is often the FIRST to Get Eaten

Every other agent is also after Qualified Prospects! Yet, is that your entire business strategy?

That's a very SHORT SIGHTED Strategy to build your business on!

Because you've completely burned that bridge, those prospects won't choose you when they become ready 6 months later or 6 years later!

Believe me, given enough time, almost all so-called Unqualified, unready Prospects turn to Qualified, Ready Prospects.

Unless you have a way to be right there in order to catch them then, you will miss them.

It's not your fault, because all the training courses out there fail to teach agents this critical strategy.

And I Made the Exact Same Mistake Too

Here's why.

When I was an agent, I was busy chasing prospects who I thought were more serious than others.

I would call someone up and based on their answers, would try hard to get them to see me in an appointment.

But those prospects who didn't pick up the phone or hung up on me or were not willing to meet up with me yet, I wouldn't bother them again.

I didn't like them. They were too tough to work with.

  • Always complaining
  • Always disrespecting me or my profession
  • Always putting me down
  • Always throwing stupid objections
  • Always making my life harder

After about a year in my realtor career, I fell in love with the other type of prospect.

The ready-to-buy-right-now buyers and sellers.

They were the EASIEST prospects to work with.

  • They were very polite
  • They agreed with me most of the time
  • They threw few, if any objections
  • They liked me
  • They listened to me

The entire time with them, from start to finish, from first contact to closing, went very smoothly.

It was a joy to work with them.

So I naturally shifted to chasing only qualified prospects.

But then, something quickly put a stop to my plans for an easy, success-filled life as a realtor.

And I quickly realised that a huge majority of them already had built a relationship with an agent. I found that only after I asked them.

What I had failed to notice was that every realtor and his upline loved that prospect too!

I Couldn't Compete With That.

Me, a complete stranger, versus someone the client already trusted and like, was just too much competition for me.

So I had to quickly change strategy, or die.

At the time, I had barely started to close several deals in a row, after struggling for months and months. My savings were all gone and I was relying on my mother for food and transport.

My confidence was at an all-time low. So, getting easy prospects was like Oxygen to me.

Every Salesman Thrives on Approval.

But sooner or later, I had to get out of this mess I was in.

So one day my mentor Dan Kennedy was teaching something. As I was listening, something he said made me go 'Aha!'

What was it?

He said,

"You can't force people to buy from you when YOU want them to. They will only buy when THEY are ready!"

When I heard this, I knew this was it!

I realised something else that day.

I realised buying or selling a home, just like everything else, was a PROCESS.

Therefore, it was only logical that different prospects were simply in different STAGES of buying or selling.

I was stuck on the SMALLEST section, which was ready-to-act buyers and sellers, who literally represented only 5% of the entire market!

Ironically, the very prospects I was turning away were the LARGEST percentage of the entire market.

I only needed 2 things to solve that:

  1. Patience. Lots of it.
  2. System. To automate follow up.

So I decided to do something about it and I ended up creating the very foundation of my Property Agent Success System that would go on to transform the careers of my inner circle of agents.

But at the time, I didn't know that.

I was simply biding my time.

And one day, it happened

It was a pleasant surprise to me when leads that I cultivated months and years ago, suddenly turned ready to buy/sell right now.

That was the day I realised that, hey, I didn't even spend any money on ads.

Thoses prospects were in my system all the while.

Being nurtured.

Until they came out of the other end, ready to buy, and I was waiting for them!

So, like how I learned all those years ago, you've got to play the long game too!

You've got to be patient and have a follow up system in place.

That, my friend, is the secret to get clients without spending money on ads.


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