How to Get Real Estate Seller Leads for Less Than $20 a Day (1)

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How to Get Real Estate Seller Leads for Less Than $20 a Day?

“We simply must have the right eyeballs viewing our ads…”

To be successful, and to give you the highest and best chance of turning a lead into a listing, our marketing campaigns must be focused on generating leads that are searching you out, and are genuinely interested in and want to talk to you about selling their home.

We simply must have the right eyeballs viewing our ads. It does us no good if the people viewing our ads aren’t interested in what we are offering.

“We don’t want to chase people, we want them to chase us.”

To be a high-quality lead, we are looking for people in your area that actually took action on their own to search you out. People who will willingly give us their name, property address, email, and phone number. If they don’t provide us with their phone number, we do not consider them a real lead. If a lead is truly ready, willing, and able they will not have any issue whatsoever providing us with their phone number, and be expecting a phone call from you.

We aren’t trying to just generate a gazillion leads for you regardless of their quality. We are only focused on generating high-quality leads who are interested in what you are offering. That’s the key to running a successful marketing campaign. We don’t want to chase people, we want them chasing us.

“Facebook leads are full of fake names and fake numbers. When you call them, they deny ever having been on your website. Sounds familiar?”

With Facebook, they just see your ad because they are scrolling through their news feed and are physically located in a particular area. They didn’t take any action on their own to search you out, they saw your ad, were curious and clicked.

Traffic (clicks) from Facebook traffic are always curiosity-clickers.  They didn’t open Facebook to search for you, or most likely any other Realtor.  Instead, like everyone else, they went on to Facebook because they were bored and wanted to snoop on friends or watch funny videos.

Leads from Google Ads are people who actually took action by typing in particular keywords into Google. Some examples would be seller lead themed keywords such as “selling my home”, “how do I sell my home”, “how much is my home worth?” and hundreds and hundreds of other similar keywords. These individuals then, in turn, saw your ad and clicked on it to land on your website where they then were turned into a lead.

Leads that come from Google Ads are always intent-clickers.  They took action on their own to go to Google and type in very specific keyword searches that are related to selling their home.  These individuals are the exact people that you want to be talking to.  These are people who are proactively searching for the service that you are offering, help with selling their home, in your area.

Because of this, there is a dramatic difference in the quality of leads between Facebook and Google Ads.

“Anyone can generate hundreds of leads quickly for you, that doesn’t take any talent. What does, is generating motivated leads interested in selling.”

We suggest at least a $16.66 per day, or $500 per month, Google Ads budget. We use Google Ads traffic as the high-quality traffic to feed into our Prime Seller Leads landing pages, which then converts that high-quality traffic into high-quality leads.

Depending on your monthly advertising budget, Google only charges 30 days after they begin sending you traffic, so it’s not an upfront cost. Typically, if you started on May 1st, the first time that you would be billed by Google would be on June 1st.

Additionally, after you pay your first Google Ads bill, Google will then credit your Google account with a free $150 advertising credit. With a $500 per month marketing budget, month number two you would only pay $350.

So, with a $500 per month Google Ads budget, you should expect between 30-50 good high-quality seller leads each month. All leads will have full name, property address, email, and phone number. If they don’t provide their phone number, then I do not consider them a full lead and we do not want them.

We are only after high-quality serious people. Serious people will always willingly give us their phone number, and be expecting a phone call from you.

Don’t accept anything less than this type of quality from your real estate lead provider.

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