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How to Handle Objections from Prospects and Clients



Are objections to be feared?

Are they evil?

Here's a SHOCKER: Objections are an agent's BEST FRIEND! Say What?!

Yes, that's right!

Objections are a Property Agent's Best Friend


  • are hidden issues that you're not aware of
  • typically come from prospects, never from non-prospects
  • are an opportunity to resolve actual problems that hinder a sale
  • help you improve your salesmanship
  • help you become a better problem solver

So, why do agents fear objections so much?

I think they feel they need perfect answers to every single objection.

Many agents want a script that obliterates every single objection.

They want an easy shortcut.

The truth is, objections will always be around as long as there as salesmen and prospects still around.

There is no shortcut around objections

You will always face them.

So stop being defensive or angry.

Its far more important to learn HOW to handle yourself whenever you're faced with objections.

It's nothing personal. It's about the prospect, rather than about you.

So here's what I learnt from a mentor that allowed me to breeze past every objection: Counter the objection with a question!

That's it!

That's the real secret: Ask more questions about the objection.

What this means is to turn the focus back on to the one making the objection.

It's really simple in practice.

Just ask them,

  • "What do you mean by that?"
  • "Why is that a concern to you?"
  • "When do you see that becoming a problem?"
  • "How do we move forward from here?"

When you do this, watch as they resolve their own objection.

This is how you handle every single objection thrown your way.

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