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How to Shortcut Your Success As a Realtor?1 min read



"Yasser, why don't you become a realtor yourself and make millions? Why are you coaching realtors for peanuts?"

Said more than one sceptical agent to me in the past.

Well, I don't blame them. They might have gotten ripped off by some 'guru' who promised them millions but then disappeared.

They're right to be suspicious

Scammers are everywhere. The other day, one of my agents got scammed too. It's a scary world out there. Scammers are smarter and more sophisticated than ever before. That's why some agents think that coaching is a scam too.

But they are only half right

I resisted getting coached by a mentor for years.

I suspected that most coaches only want to make money off you and deeply resented the fact that they usually had an ulterior motive for wanting to help me out.

I also witnessed my upline's division boss favouring property agents with better sales performance over me, and I remember feeling a sense of unfairness at the time. It was just like the rich getting richer while the poor staying poorer.

But I realised that having the right mentor was actually a much better shortcut than trying to figure things out blindly, without a GPS and getting knocked hard into unseen walls. Sure, there were mediocre coaches who sold only motivation, but I wanted someone who had been there before me, faced the exact same challenges as me and then successfully overcame them.

In short, a coach got me results much faster than I could on my own.


You Don't Know What You Don't Know!

Because you don't know what you don't know!

Only a coach could see my flaws that I was blind to.

I was too close to myself to see my own flaws! I needed a mirror to see myself; a mentor was that mirror.

And once I found one such mentor, it took me only 6 weeks to triple my results, where previously I had been struggling for years, stumbling  around on my own.

He rapidly accelerated the time to see real results. So, having the right coach to shortcut your journey matters a lot!

Here's Something Personal

I was never told I was special.

I was never told I could have anything I want in life.

I was put down more often than I was praised for something.

I never learnt what I was good at in school.

(In fact, school created more Unanswered Questions than real answers. And honestly, only a tiny 5% out of my 15 years of schooling is still applicable in my daily life today.)

As you go through life, you have to discover all these things by yourself.

We know that as the school of Hard Knocks.

But what many of us still resist, but recognise as the better way, is learning from the successes and failures of others, especially mentors.

It took me a mentor to
- discover what I was good at (and what I wasn't).
- create a path that would pave the way to my heart's desires (provided I put in the effort)
- get praise whenever it is due (and have it systematically)
- gain mental clarity of my purpose in life (vs not living)

Whatever I achieved more than paid for the money I invested in each mentor!

Stop Reinventing the Wheel!

There are 2 things you need:
1. Learn from the Mistakes of others so that you can avoid the same heartache, tears, sweat and blood
2. Copy the Successes without having to reinvent the wheel again and again but follow a trail that's already blazed before you.

That's all you need.

Seeing My Agents Succeed Makes My Day!

Nothing gives me more joy than hearing the success of my realtors!

And that's my answer to the question why I coach others now!


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