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Property Agent’s Upline Returned Back from Another Agency and Begged Him to Do This!1 min read



One day in 2010, the unthinkable happened. 😲

My former upline literally begged me to help her when I bumped into her by chance. I was out with my family shopping for Hari Raya at the Bazaar when she saw me.

She said she had heard that I was doing quite well at the time.
And so she wanted me to do something about her own problems. She was exhausted after working crazy 16-hour days for too little rewards. Her income had hit a ceiling and she was very close to being burnt out. She had no more ambition left. So she almost wanted to quit.

I said I would look into it and I needed to know more. So she agreed.

That day after seeing my upline, all the memories started flooding back in.
Memories of how I had struggled to make a living in real estate, the many days I spent going hungry and the agony of blistered feet I endured walking on foot just because I didn’t have the money for transport.

It was my upline who kept me committed all those times I had wanted to simply quit. But sometimes her well-meaning advice felt off. I didn’t blame her, because she had been trained in old school methods. It was how real estate had been done for the past 100 years.

And now she was in the exact same situation I used to be in.
I laughed thinking how the roles were reversed now. 🙃
Life has a funny way of giving nasty surprises. But I didn’t envy her.

The next day I paid a visit at her Tiong Bahru office. It was much smaller than the one she had in PropNex HDB HUB. And her team of 6 was almost entirely full of part-timers, far cry from my time. At first glance, things looked ok.

I had prepared a few questions for her beforehand and needed her full attention for a couple of hours. I told her to be completely honest with me.

I started by asking her who was she targeting with her marketing efforts.

She said anyone and everyone, as long as someone needed to buy or sell a house.

That reply didn’t impress me. No wonder she was struggling to get leads. She was spreading herself too thin and wasn’t laser-focused enough.

Next, I asked her what marketing was she currently running for that.

She said she was promoting herself in her GTA, hoping to get buyers and sellers to call her.

Again, wrong strategy. She didn’t really know what she was doing and what really worked. She was totally clueless about effective marketing.

By now I was already getting a bit worried. 😟

So I asked her next, assuming that I was a buyer, why should I choose her instead of the other 34,000+ property agents in Singapore, including buying without an agent and saving myself tens of thousands in commissions?

She couldn’t answer me.

She had hardly thought about this in her entire 10-year career! 😱

I knew then, without even a shade of doubt, that she truly needed my help. Fast.

And she couldn’t possibly have approached me at a better time. I had recently finished perfecting my own system that I had painstakingly created in order to help my agent business. It had taken me 16 months and costed six figures.

💡 Suddenly, I had a light bulb go off in my head.

What if I shared my own system with her? Would it shorten her learning curve and give her the results she desperately needed? Her problems were the exact ones I personally struggled with and had managed to overcome successfully. All she had to do was to follow my instructions and actively use the system.

I quickly rushed back to my office and started finding ways to create a similar system for my upline. Once I had something to work with, I went back to her in order to work out an action plan. Once we agreed, she expressed her concerns about the finances. She said she couldn’t afford it. I told her that I was simply paying her back. She didn’t need to worry. All I asked in exchange was her commitment.

I was more happy for her when she got her first lead than I ever was even for myself. The look of relief and satisfaction on her face were priceless! 😌

And that was the day I realised that, hey, I wanted to see more agents happy like her.

🙌 True success lies in helping others become happier (whether home owners or property agents) doesn’t it?

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Yasser Khan is a real estate coach, speaker, and trainer at YasserKhan.SG who teaches Singapore Realtors how to make more Money, have more Time and enjoy more Freedom.


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