23 Best Real Estate Email Templates & Scripts for 2022

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23 Best Real Estate Email Templates & Scripts for 20221 min read

Since so many leads, especially millennials, prefer to be contacted via email, writing effective real estate email templates will help you close more deals in 2022. The only problem is that for many agents, writing effective emails can be challenging.

That’s why we put together this resource of 23 effective real estate email templates you can use for inspiration to help create your own email templates. Right after the list, check out my 15 rules for writing effective emails.

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Real Estate Email Templates for Sellers

Tom Ferry1. Discount Broker / Objection Handler Email

Tom Ferry, Real Estate Educator

Originally a phone script, Ferry’s excellent discount broker rebuttal is ideal to use on leads who prefer email.

Want to learn more about email marketing mistakes to avoid from Ferry? Check out Episode 54 of the Tom Ferry Show here.

Ryan Serhant2. Newer Agent Seller Meeting Follow-up Email

Sell It Like Serhant, Real Estate Core Course


yasser khan

 3. Open House Feedback Report to Seller

Yasser Khan - Author, Coach and Trainer at YasserKhan.SG

While open house events are often touted as an opportunity to pick up buyer clients, an open house is also an important opportunity to demonstrate the effort you’re putting in for your seller.

After all, if they aren’t in attendance, they can’t see the expertise you’re bringing to the transaction. While your immediate goal is to provide excellent client service, your long-term goal should be gaining a referral from them, too.

4. Seller Lead Email

Tyler Zey, Founder, Easy Agent Pro

Check out this real estate email template designed to entice homeowners by inviting them to review their potential financial upside over coffee.

5. Reconnecting With Past Client Email

Rich Gaasenbeek, IXACT Contact

While originally designed as a phone script, this approach works great as an email template as well as a means of reconnecting with a client you may have lost touch with.

6. Second Contact With Seller Email


Here’s another excellent email template from Zillow that you can use for your second contact with a seller. Offering a free, custom home valuation report is a great way to show your value to your client.

7. Home Valuation Request Email

Follow Up Boss

Follow-ups for home valuation requests are another email you need to nail right away.

yasser khan8. Listing Presentation Follow Up Email

Yasser Khan - Author, Coach and Trainer at YasserKhan.SG

It’s crucial to follow up your listing presentation with an email that will close the deal— especially if you didn’t get a signature when you met with them. This email opens the door for further conversation and expresses the urgency of listing their home sooner rather than later.

Bonus Download - Listing Presentation

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Real Estate Email Templates for Buyers

9. Listing Feedback Email

Market Leader

Market Leader’s listing feedback email template helps you gather more information about your buyer’s needs and wants for their next property.

Do you need a quick infusion of leads without the hassle? Market Leader sells buyer and seller leads directly, which means you can start working leads right away.

Check to see if your ZIP code is available

10. Open House Follow-up Email

Jon Yourkin, Realvolve

Do you have a script for following up with your open house visitors? Check out this next email template that opens the door for a next meeting.

Zvi Band11. One-year Follow-up Email

Zvi Band, Contactually

Homebuyers you’ve helped into a new home are great sources of referrals, not to mention that after as little as one year in their new home, they may be ready to purchase a vacation home, an investment property, or even an upgrade on their current property.

12. Lender Referral Email

Stacie Staub, Founder West + Main Homes

Shopping for a new home can be fun and easy, but sourcing a great lender and securing mortgage financing is often the most complicated aspect of homebuying. Use this lender referral email template to help turn your prospects into active homebuyers.

13. New Lead Follow-up Email

Beverly Ruffner, Real Estate Coach

Doubling up and contacting a new lead by both email and text message keeps you top of mind so your new, budding relationship doesn’t wither on the vine.

yasser khan14. First Showing Follow-up Email

Yasser Khan - Author, Coach and Trainer at YasserKhan.SG

Following a first property showing, you’ll want to sum up the day and the offerings you showed your client. It’s a great time to demonstrate your honesty with a straightforward and realistic assessment of what you’ve seen together.

15. Testimonial Email

Megan Swanson, BoomTown

There are few approaches as effective as providing real-world client testimonials to a new prospect to help them get to know the level of service you provide.

16. Listing Request Follow-up Email


As a follow-up to providing listing information to a prospective buyer, this real estate email template lets you dig a little deeper to find out your client’s likes and dislikes.

17. Second Contact With a Passive Buyer Email

Realty Executives, Santa Clarita

Sometimes, the second touchpoint or contact with a lead or prospect is more important than the first.

18. Coming Soon Preview Email for Cold Buyer Leads

Jeff Manson, Real Geeks

No one can resist a “coming soon” listing, especially in an exclusive neighborhood like this one, with a very limited number of homes.

yasser khan19. Renter Converting to Buyer Follow-up Email

Yasser Khan - Author, Coach and Trainer at YasserKhan.SG

Yasser Khan

Subject Line: Next Steps
Hi [first name] Thanks again for taking the time to meet me for coffee yesterday. I just wanted to follow up with some market data that highlights some of the buying opportunities in [up and coming neighborhood] we talked about.
I know it’s cliché, but the best time to buy a house was 20 years ago. The second best time is now! The economy is always changing, but owning land is the key to building generational wealth and I would be honored to help your family start this exciting journey.
How does [day and time] sound to meet up or do a Zoom call to talk more?

Real Estate Email Templates for Recruiting

20. Referral Request Email

National Association of Realtors

Since referrals will become the lifeblood of your business as you progress, here’s a great email script from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) for referrals.

21. New Agent Recruiting Email


Here’s another great email from Contactually’s email script vault that offers up the value of your experience to new recruits.

22. Annual Home Sales Report Email


Your emails offering a home sale report are important to get right. Placester’s real estate email template gets straight to the point.

23. Non-responsive Leads Email

Ryan Stewman, HardcoreCloser.com

Use this script to elicit a response from a non-responsive lead. This email gives recipients a time limit for getting back to you in order to capitalize on an opportunity or offer.

15 Tips for Writing Your Own Highly Effective Real Estate Emails

1. Avoid Long Paragraphs & Confusing Words

To keep your mobile leads interested in your email, try to keep your paragraphs to no more than two or three lines each.

A three-line paragraph will be six lines or even more on small phone screens. This makes your email seem much longer than it is.

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2. Don’t Use HTML Email Templates

Email templates might look great for your email newsletter, but they will do nothing but distract your reader for follow-up emails to your leads. You want them to focus on your message, not fancy layouts.

Also, HTML templates won’t work on all devices all the time. Better to err on the side of brevity and simplicity.

3. Avoid Using Too Much Jargon as Simple Direct Language Works Better

While many real estate agents think industry jargon will impress their leads, in reality, real estate jargon can confuse your leads and make your message less clear.

4. Create an Outline Before You Start Writing

One of the best ways to make sure you hit the right points in the right order in your email is to make an outline before you start writing. Figure out what you want to say, and then flesh out the email and work on language.

5. Use the Slide to Keep Readers Engaged

In copywriting, “the slide” is the language you use specifically to make sure your reader reads the entire message. Best practices include starting off with very short sentences. Building intrigue or asking a question at the beginning of the email and using bucket brigades—linking words and phrases like “It gets better,” “Think about it,” “Here’s the deal,” “Let’s face facts,” and “How can you beat that?”

6. Use Playful Language Sparingly

While you may be tempted to use playful, informal language in your email to seem more personable, you should only use it sparingly. While it will help you and your message seem more personal, it can also very easily sound unprofessional.

7. Pay Special Attention to Your Subject Line

If you want people to read your email, you need to pay special attention to the subject line. Your subject line should be around 40 characters or fewer to avoid getting cut off on mobile devices.

Straightforward subject lines often work the best, but don’t be afraid to try something more creative by asking a frequently asked question or writing a teaser subject line to pique interest and get your leads to open your email.

8. Read Your Emails Out Loud Before Sending

To give your message the most impact, your language needs to flow smoothly. If your lead is stumbling with your language, it will muddle your message and lower its emotional impact.

Your email should also sound conversational and authentic. One of the best ways to ensure your language flows smoothly and feels genuine is to try reading it out loud before sending it. If you can read it easily without stumbling or unnatural pauses, that’s a good indication your leads will read it that way too.

9. Send Emails at the Right Time

Because your leads probably get tons of emails every day, you need to make sure your message doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. That means scheduling your emails to be sent when they’re most likely to read them.

According to the email marketing service Constant Contact, real estate emails perform best when sent bright and early at 5 a.m. local time on Mondays.

10. Remember to Follow Up

Because you’ll likely be competing with hundreds of other emails in your lead’s inbox, chances are you won’t reach every lead with the first message. That means that following up is crucial if you want to maximize your potential conversions. Schedule follow-ups for leads who don’t open your emails, and schedule more targeted follow-ups for leads who opened your email but didn’t respond.

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11. Track Your Progress

Typing up an email and crossing your fingers won’t cut it these days. Instead, use a good customer relationship management (CRM) or email marketing program to track your open rates and response rates to tweak your subject like and message continually.

Check out AgentLEADS

12. A/B Test Your ‘From’ Line

Here’s a great tip from our friends over at Agent Inner Circle. Don’t forget to A/B test your “from” line to increase your open rates. Does “Joe” work better than “Joe Realtor” or “Joe Smith: Realtor”? You won’t know until you test it.

13. Animated GIFs Are Your Friends

Used sparingly, animated GIFs can be a terrific way to add some personality to your emails without adding more words. Because let’s face it, the longer an email is, the lower the chance that your leads are going to read the whole thing. A GIF can pack more personality than a picture but isn’t quite as bandwidth-heavy as a video. Trust us―the kids are onto something here.

14. Try to Tailor Every Email for Buyers or Sellers

While including a tagline or something that asks for referrals in every email is kind of tacky, you can and should try to work in some buyer- or seller-specific language into every email you send. For example, for a simple Happy Thanksgiving email for a buyer, you could mention that you’re thankful you found them a place they’re happy in.

For a seller, you might mention something specific about where they moved to and why they moved there. For example, if your client moved to Florida, and you’re still in New York, you could mention something like “Happy Thanksgiving from snowy New York,” or something along those lines.

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15. Don’t Get Too Personal

Even though personalization is the name of the game these days, that doesn’t mean oversharing, prying, or overly emotional emails are appropriate for your real estate business. Yes, there will always be those clients you bonded with over a beer when a particularly tough deal finally closed, but you always need to remember that you are a professional first and foremost. It’s one thing to have one too many and get a little too personal with a client at a bar, but quite another to have that overly personal interaction forever immortalized in an email.

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Bottom Line

To write great real estate email templates to engage your leads, check out what other agents are sending, then create an outline and write your own email and subject line.

Have any email tips you’d like to share? Leave us a comment with your advice below.

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