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What is the Absolutely BEST TIME to Follow Up With Your Leads?1 min read


Do you know what's the BEST time to call every single one of your prospects for follow up?

  • Not tomorrow...
  • not one hour later...
  • not next week...


So, a lot of agents ask me when is the best time to follow up with their prospects or leads... and my answer, just like right now, is ALWAYS going to be the same: it is always in that point of time when you get that lead.

You should immediately, as soon as possible, follow up with them.

Call them.
Pick up the phone.
Just do it.

There's no other time, for one very simple reason.
And that reason has to do with your prospect, not with YOU.

Because chances are, if you put off calling them back, if you put it off to one hour later, tomorrow, or whenever you're free, it will be too late.

Here’s why.

It's a very simple reason.
The second you get the lead, it IS the BEST possible time to follow up with them because THEY'RE STILL ON THEIR MOBILE PHONE!!!

They're still at the place where they wrote in the inquiry to you or whatever is it they did to generate themselves as a lead for you... an SMS, email, website form or whatever it is...

The absolutely best time in that scenario is RIGHT NOW!
As soon as you get the lead, immediately drop whatever you're doing (except when you're in an appointment, a meeting or any money-making, income-producing activity) you should immediately pick up your phone and make the phone call back.

Call them on the spot.

There should be NO EXCUSES (aside from income-producing activities).

The reason is because

  1. today, people have shorter and shorter attention spans...
  2. they don't want to wait around (for others)...
  3. they no longer have patience...

So you have a very limited window of opportunity...

Put yourself in the prospect's shoes...
Let's say you're in the market to buy something... and you've come across a few options... Which option are you going to choose if all the prices are the same, for the sake of argument... Picture yourself looking at 4 different products of the same price and attributes... maybe you want to buy a watch online, for example. so you have a few watches you're looking at, all at the same prices...

Which one are you going to pick up?

I'm willing to bet you'll pick up the one who is fastest to follow up with you!
S/he answered your questions when you really needed the answers the most!

So using this example, the best timeframe for following up was immediately.
So you (as a prospect) will pick up the fastest person who responds to you.

In a similar vein, speed helps you build up a better bond, relationship and rapport with prospects over your competitors.
I'm not saying this is guaranteed that the prospect will choose you (but that is a different topic for a different day touching on your Unique Selling Proposition).

What I'm saying today is to follow up immediately when the prospect is leaving a message for you... the best possible timeframe is going to be right now... if you have any questions in your mind about following up, scripts to use when calling back, then just comment or ask me and I'll be very happy to answer...

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