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Singapore Property Agent Finds the Time to Hunt for a Wife But Clients Can’t Get Enough of Him



Until he stumbled across a little known secret

Back in late 2011 after I had fully systemised my realtor business, I got my very first taste of what exactly total freedom from work looked like.

After years of struggle, I now had the luxury to choose exactly who I wanted to work with and disregard all the time wasters who sucked my energy.

I did this successfully by automating my follow up 100%.
This way, only serious buyers would bother to contact me, and that too only if they were actually motivated.
This meant I never had to deal with their lame excuses and tolerate all the drama.
And I was able to systematically provide exceptional customer service to my buyer seller clients, who in turn referred me to their friends and family.
As a side effect, I was working less and earning more while enjoying it all. 🙂

And all this was made possible because I had successfully turned traditional prospecting upside down; I was getting buyers and sellers to seek me out first, rather than me doing all the chasing, all the huffing and the puffing...
I found doing it in this way was much less hard work but ten times more rewarding.

This, ironically, freed me up to focus my time on serving the clients I already had, and not neglecting them just because I was too busy finding the next one.
Neglecting clients meant I did a mediocre job serving them and their needs. Consequently, I missed their valuable referrals for future business, which meant I started each month back from zero.

But by early 2012, I was actually struggling with a dilemma of my own.
Since I had much more time than I knew what to do with, I was quickly getting bored.
I had tried buying expensive stuff, but shopping sprees quickly lost their novelty.
I was fond of computer gaming but had finished all the games I bought.
I had tried to spend time with family and friends, but most of my family had a job commitment and many friends were only free on weekends. That left me nothing much to do 5 days a week, 9am to 5pm.

I realised being an entrepreneur was lonely.
Few people were free like I was.
If they were, usually they were unemployed(!)
Weekends, to me, were no different from weekdays and Public Holidays.
Why was everyone obsessed with TGIF (thank God it’s Friday)?

So I decided a change of scenery would be good for me.
And so I flew out to different countries.
And kept myself busy.
Signed up for a cross-country Bike Trip in rural India.
Booked myself in a horse riding camp in Malaysia.
Entered Kite Flying Competitions in Pakistan.
Explored non-traditional travel destinations nobody went to, like Iran.

And it was while I was travelling that I started meeting many cool new people.
Like my future wife whom I would go on to marry. 😍
I met her while in Pakistan on a personal quest to discover my family roots.
It was love at first sight. 💕
But while I was having fun wooing her to become my wife, clients back home couldn’t get enough of me.
They wanted me to be their agent, said my trained downlines.
They missed me.

That was weird, because I had trained my downlines to be my clones.
They knew exactly what to do.
But apparently, it still wasn’t good enough.
Since I had been physically away, it wasn’t possible for me to serve my clients from overseas.
And I just couldn’t simply postpone my upcoming wedding plans in order to return and fight fires which weren’t really started by me, or so I thought.
So I decided to investigate this further.
What I found was depressing.

In truth, my downlines were not really following what I had painstakingly set up over a period of 15 long months.
They ignored my systematic and organised way of selling houses.
They consistently failed to perform what I asked of them.
No wonder my clients were no longer happy and were asking after me.

I thought I had set up a perfect system for myself.
But no system is perfect.
I found out it was always a human who messed up a machine.
My challenge was figuring out the human equation.
Machines were easy.
But humans never come with an Instruction Manual.

So I started searching for answers and came across NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).
I realised every person had a dominant sense they liked to use the most.
For example, I was Visual and my wife was an Auditory person.
I loved books but she hated reading (but loved listening).
I realised I had been asking the wrong people to do the right job all along.
No wonder they disliked doing certain things, because of their personality.

So I started to list all the tasks my downlines performed in their day-to-day roles and separated them by Personality Types.
Next, I asked the right people to do the right job.
What happened in the subsequent 90 days blew me away.
My downlines were doing their jobs better than even me!

That was when I realised that selling was greatly impacted by personality too.
It was my job as the team leader to give my agents a playbook on how to deal with buyers and sellers of different personalities.
So I quickly started incorporating these insights into my system.
But some of my downlines were not very happy about it.
They were not used to being organised.
They said I was being too controlling.
And was too ‘corporate’.

And one by one, my downlines started leaving my team.
This continued until my original team of 8 agents shrank down to just 2.
But I didn’t really care.
My 2 agents were doing a better job per month than all of them combined ever did in a quarter.

As a result, I realised my insights were applicable to all teams of realtors.
I knew more agents could benefit if I shared my TEAM System with them.
This was how I stumbled across a permanent solution to recruitment and decided to help more Singapore Agents create and keep a lean, productive team of agents.

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Yasser Khan is a real estate coach, speaker, and trainer at YasserKhan.SG who teaches Singapore Realtors how to make more Money, have more Time and enjoy more Freedom.


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