Why Technology Can Never Kill Off a Realtor's Job

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The REAL Reason Why Technology Can Never Kill Off a Realtor’s Job1 min read


Is Technology Agents’ Enemy?

I see agents getting tripped over technology all the time.

They struggle with tech, complain about the rate of rapid change and generally resist all things technical.

Compared to other professionals, we realtors have been slower to adopt and embrace technology.

For example, Interior Designers have been surprising far ahead and are masterfully using technology. They've been drawing realistic interiors for years.

Not so with realtors.

We're actually lagging far behind.

And it has nothing to do with the learnable skill of getting better with tech devices.

We can learn how to put on our clothes because that's a skill we've mastered. Yet, we give up halfway when trying to connect a PC to a TV.

The real reason is that we fear technology.

Our Unspoken Fear About Technology

Our unspoken fear is that technology will take our jobs away.

At the rate we're seeing technology changing and the speed with which DIY Portals are popping up, we agents are getting alarmed.

So we're worrying for our jobs.

The answer every agent is searching for is whether they'll still have a job tomorrow?

Are agents going extinct?

That's not really true.

Here's why.

Technology Cannot Replace the Human Touch

No matter how much tech advances in the next 100 or even 1000 years, all humans are still going to need a roof over their heads.

A home is a basic necessity of life for every single person who's ever going to be born or has already been born.

We will always need a home.

As long as we need homes, there will always be a buyer and a seller of that home.

And an agent to facilitate the transaction.

But the way buyers and sellers interact can and will change because of technology.

How People Buy Property Will Change

We're already seeing Virtual Reality Tours of properties in other countries without leaving our office.

And virtual showrooms.

Getting mortgages will soon be pretty much automatic.

Because of the new possibilities created by emerging tech, everything not already connected by the internet is now getting connected by the Internet of Things.

That's how we're becoming more and more connected.

Every house we buy or sell in the future will be recorded automatically.

That's how it's possible to reveal agents' sales history.

So people's preferences in how they buy or sell homes will change in line with the technologies available to them.

What This Means for Agents

It's simple.

You've got to exercise that skill of learning to use technology.

We're creatures of habit, that's why our habits run us completely on autopilot.

We don't run our habits.

To the extent humanly possible, you should get into the habit of learning and mastering technology.

If it gets too much, outsource.

Don’t Let Technology Stop You from Selling Homes

Like my agent Fred Teo of Knight Frank.

He doesn't let his lack of skills in tech stop him from selling homes.

Neither should you!

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