The Shocking Reason Why Realtors' Looks Don't Matter

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The Shocking Reason Why Realtors’ Looks Don’t Matter1 min read



Do Looks (Really) Matter?

Every agent posts their pictures on listings, videos and home pictures.

Is it because every agent thinks you need a pretty face to succeed in real estate?

But has anyone tried to truly ask themselves, is that necessary?

I came across online forums the other day.

And the general consensus was, and still is, that pretty ladies get more inquiries. So looks do matter...

But what about agents who are not naturally well endowed? What about ugly agents?

Are they telling themselves that because they're not good looking enough, clients won't be attracted to them!

That's B.S.!

The very first time I closed a seller, he didn't care about any of my personal insecurities.

I always struggled with my:

  • broken nose
  • malformed teeth
  • hearing issues

He didn't care about any of these issues.

So I was relieved my seller engaged me versus a very attractive competitor!

You don't needs looks to make it

So why are realtors confusing attracting clients to their looks?

I think there are a number of reasons for that;

  1. Realtors are copying what every other agent is doing. Everyone is plastering his face everywhere. It's monkey see, monkey do. No real innovation here.
  2. They have never stepped back to analyse what works and what doesn't. It's a case of the blind leading the blind. They don't know looks don't matter.
  3. They don't know what their clients want. They make guesses. And sometimes they hit. Often times, they miss. Their looks is one area they miss it completely.

Marketing Lesson 101

Using my methods, you won't even need to advertise or show your face.

How is that possible?

You must understand that what everyone is doing is not really true marketing. It's image advertising they're borrowing from advertising executives who sell ads to Coca Cola and big companies.

Agents fail to realise that Image Advertising is a complete waste of their time and money.

Something else is more important than your looks

And that is PERSONALITY.

Here's why.

Even if an agent is movie-star good looking, they won't survive for long if they cannot build trust, be a leader and listen attentively to clients' needs.

Every great entrepeneur you and I know has all these qualities, regardless of his or her looks.

Whenever I think of PropNex CEO Mohamed Ismail, his Trustworthiness,  Leadership and Attentiveness come to mind.

So, looks don't apply in real estate as much as you think. Personality trumps looks.


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