The Silly Reason Why Your Upline is Not Coaching You

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The Silly Reason Why Your Upline is Not Coaching You1 min read


Do You Need a Coach (or an Upline)?

Many realtors are not really sure.

On the one hand, they do recognise the importance of being coached for success. If you can Copy, you can Succeed. After all, every Master was once a Student... That's called modelling others' behaviours in order to have similar success.

But then realtors also change their agency if their upline isn't good. They hop from one agency to the next, hoping to land a great upline.

This leads me to my next point...

The Realtor-Upline Model is Outdated

Why  is that?

Half the time, the upline gets paid with overriding for doing absolutely nothing, other than convincing you to join his team years ago.

The other half, he's busy struggling with his own problems.

Does that look like an effective coach to you?

I don't think so, right?

So what makes a great coach?

The Real Job of a Coach is This

At its core, a mentor only needs to show you 2 things for the coaching to work;

  1. What MISTAKES you must avoid at all costs
  2. What ACTIONS you must take at all costs

That's it.

Don't you agree?

Yet why do we have agents clamouring after those who win Top Producer awards? Why is everyone rushing to join their team?

It's simple.

Top Producers Are in Great Demand

So every agent tries to join their team.

My member Harry Zeng of PropNex was telling me the same thing the other day.

He won awards and was featured all over the news and portals.

And I saw agents applying to join his team, because as my member, I can see the agents applying.

He said that most of them were entitled and expecting Harry to give out cash handouts.

Shocking, right?

The Problem with Popular Uplines

The things is, popular uplines have a ton of problems.

They're busy doing personal sales.

They're already feeling the pressure to keep staying at the top.

Frankly, staying at the top is harder than getting there.

And they don't have the time or willingness to spoon feed entitled, lazy realtors.

I know this because my own members, like Harry, are telling me this.

No one likes to work with lazy, entitled, spoon-fed agents.

There Is Another Alternative

A great coach will not only tell you the above 2 things, but he will KNOW the solutions to the next problems you will face once you've solved your initial issue.

I know this because my own upline couldn't help me with my overflow of leads, precisely because she never faced this problem.

So she had no answer for me.

I found the answer with a mentor from outside the real estate industry.

He was in the Marketing business, and taught me how to design my business and the lifestyle I wanted.

And I was able to achieve both because, like I mentioned, he already had overcome those problems and new what new problems I would face soon.

And true enough, I turned back to him again and again.

Investing in a coach turned out to be a great decision on my part, because not only I didn't have to pay him overriding for closing every single transaction, I also quickly recouped my initial investment.

That, my friend, is how you sidestep a bad upline without changing your agency and without paying overriding.

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