The Surprising Reason Why Most Realtors Are Bad Managers

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The Surprising Reason Why Most Realtors Are Bad Managers1 min read



There are realtors who prefer to do things by themselves so that they can save their money.

That's because in the past, they hired some friend or relative to build their website or run ads for them for very cheap. But then they got zero appointments and zero closings.

So these agents end up saying this to themselves.

"Only I can do the Best Job!"

Well, I have news for you!

The real issue may not be with them. It's with you!

Because, you see...

Most Realtors are Bad Managers

It doesn't matter whether your friends charge you cheap or expensive.

It doesn't matter whether the freelander or agency that you hired haven't given you quality leads.

Your friends or freelancers have never sold a house in their entire lives... You have!

If you look carefully, the vast majority of agents are bad at managing other people.

Observe how your own upline works.

He comes in, dumps some work, quickly leaves, come back to demand results, scolds everyone when nothing got done, then storms out angrily.

I'm over dramatising this, of course. But you get the idea.

Even I used to work like this

I used to be a bad manager too.

In NS, I used to shout some commands, and expect my subordinates to carry out my commands unquestioningly.

And I saw firsthand some officers with high rank misusing their power. It was all about showing off and bragging rights to them.

So when I became a realtor after completing my NS, I realised civilian life was less black-and-white. There was less structure, hierarchy and order than in the Civil Defense Force.

And after I got slightly successful as an agent and started managing a small group of downlines, I found it very hard to manage them.

I gave them my leads to close, but they were cherry-picking only the best leads, and discarding all the rest.

I got angry at them for wasting my money by throwing away future leads.

I thought they were lazy.

And one by one, they started leaving.

Until I was back to being a one-man-show.

While all this was happening, I was also struggling to keep my paid staff. Since they were resigning, I was left scrambling to hire new ones, while juggling my sales appointments.

I ended up neglecting my clients, who were no longer getting amazing customer service from me.

And now, I was back to where I started.

So I thought angrily that, maybe, only I could do my job the best. I reasoned only I cared the most about my business. My downlines and employees were just in it for the money.

It so happened that I voiced my frustration to my mentor one day.

"Everyone's mediocre! Only I can do the best job!" I complained to him.

He then said something that forever changed the way I looked at managing others.

He said, "Well, what EXACTLY did you want your staff and downlines to do?"

I didn't have an answer for him that day.

That was the day I realised that it was ME all along. It wasn't my staff. It wasn't my downlines. It was me.

There were many others with bigger teams which had been around for far longer, while mine had quickly unraveled in just a few months.

I realised I wasn't a good manager.

And it has partly to do with the agency culture.

Because Property Agencies Have Failed Us

They've failed to groom us into effective managers.

Yes, they teach us to be better realtors all the time. They coach us to do better calculations.

But helping us become better at managing others? Nope.

So let's go back to basics for a while.

What Makes a Good Manager?

What is managing? What makes a great manager?

To me, being a manager is more than becoming a better pointer.

Someone is a pointer when he points the people under him to all the stuff that needs to be done.

Managing is also about setting clear expectations.

It's about setting clear Deadlines, Tasks and Accountability.

What Made The Difference For Me?

So back to my story.

When I learned I had to be ultra SPECIFIC, my results changed.

I became better at hiring and keeping good team members.

And I realised for the first time, that once I had team members who knew what they had to do, it freed me up to do more important stuff.

Stuff like providing better customer service to my clients. This was the stuff that resulted in more money for me.

And by now, I was much happier too.

So, learn to be an effective pointer, a better delegator and a great manager overall, in order to enjoy more money and more freedom. The secret is to be ultra specific and run your team like an army platoon.

That, my friend, is the secret to getting others to do what you want, whenever you want!


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