Top 7 Real Estate Lead Generation Companies for 2023 (+ 3 to Avoid)

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The Top 7 Real Estate Lead Generation Companies for 2023 (+ 3 to Avoid)1 min read

Real estate lead generation companies give agents, teams, and brokers a shortcut to the closing table by doing all the lead capture and organization work for you—allowing you to focus your efforts on working with qualified real estate buyers and sellers.

Since choosing a real estate lead generation company can be tough, we’ve done a deep dive into the top seven real estate lead generation companies and reviewed them inside and out so you can make the best choice for your business. We’ve also spoken to real agents and brokers who’ve actively used these products to get their insights and recommendations on whether they think you should consider them for your business.

Plus, we’ll also give you the lead gen providers we believe you should avoid at all costs, and why they’re on the prohibited list. And we'll also answer the most common questions we get asked about working with lead generation companies.

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Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies for 2023


Best For

Our Favorite Feature

Market Leader
(Best Overall)

A guaranteed number of leads each month

The ability to customize how many leads you get and where they come from


Exclusive, unique leads you won’t have to share with other real estate agents

Easily customizable automated nurturing campaigns

(New Agents)

New real estate agents looking for budget-friendly, effective lead gen

Various leads types available for all business needs


Agents with a large sphere of influence

One of the highest conversion rates of any provider on our list


Realtors looking for a CRM / lead gen combo

Fantastic lead-sharing and assignment options

Zillow Premier Agent

A high volume of mostly buyer leads

Presence on the highest-traffic real estate website on the internet


Agents looking for advanced social media ad options

Email verification sorts genuine leads from fake ones with industry-leading accuracy

Ready to go deeper? Let’s take a closer look at each of our real estate lead generation companies we chose for this guide and learn more about why they belong among the elite options in this space.

Best Overall Real Estate Lead Generation Company: Market Leader

Real estate lead generation company: Market Leader logo

Price: $139 / month + $25 per lead

Why Market Leader Is on Our List

Unlike any other provider on our list, Market Leader guarantees a certain number of leads every month. Once you’ve got enough data to be able to accurately predict your conversion rates, Market Leader uniquely allows Realtors to forecast their return on paid lead generation investment, making them a compelling option.

Market Leader Pros

Market Leader Cons

Guaranteed number of leads every month

Missing some key analytics features

Great mobile app

Public-facing websites are a little outdated

Easily scalable for teams and offices

Leads tend to be higher funnel than other providers

How Market Leader Generates Real Estate Leads

To generate real estate leads, Market Leader takes the ad agency approach (similar to BoldLeads), placing targeted ads in places your prospects are already spending their time (Facebook, Google, and so on). These ads direct prospects to Market Leader’s landing page (for seller leads) or a personally branded, IDX search-enabled site (for buyer leads).

Once a lead gives their information, it’s automatically populated in the Market Leader customer relationship management (CRM) system (or wherever you’d like it to go), and then you take over with nurturing and conversion.

Get Started With Market Leader

Not Sure Market Leader Is Right for You? Try BoldLeads

If you haven’t had success with Market Leader in your market or just want another option, try our runner-up for the best real estate lead generation company—BoldLeads. While BoldLeads doesn’t provide the compelling guaranteed lead volume that Market Leader offers, they generate leads in a very similar fashion, offer a great customer relationship manager (CRM) and lots of nurturing tools, and are trusted by thousands of Realtors across the country.

Kenya Payne Headshot

Verified Market Leader User Review

Kenya Payne, Keller Williams

Kenya Payne is new to the real estate game, but has jumped in with both feet, especially when it comes to using technology products that are helping to build her business. A Market Leader user for less than three months, here are her initial thoughts on the product:

“Market Leader has delivered on helping me to generate leads, but the platform requires a lot of my time and is expensive for me as a new agent starting out who hasn’t generated any revenue yet. However, I’m hopeful that if I keep working the system I’ll convert a lead soon which will make the investment worth it.”

Positive:I get leads consistently. I have had the most success with receiving seller leads. I really like the campaigns that you can access to support converting your leads to clients. They do most of the work for you.

Negative: Although I like the campaigns that market leader has, I spend a lot of time searching for what I need. The platform is pretty user-friendly, but the interface isn’t very efficient. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to the platform I wouldn’t recommend it.

Market: Nashville
Years in Real Estate: 4 months
How long did you use MarketLeader? Less than 3 months
Current or former user? Current
Was your ROI positive? Unsure

(Runner-up) Best Lead Generation Company for Exclusive Leads: BoldLeads

Real estate lead generation company: BoldLeads logo

Prices starting at $399 / month

Why BoldLeads Is on Our List

Unlike Zillow Premier Agent, where prospects can choose between all the agents marketing in a particular area, the BoldLeads media and lead magnets are created only for you, making their leads exclusive. If you want a personalized, exclusive lead set, BoldLeads is a great choice.

BoldLeads Pros

BoldLeads Cons

Exclusive leads

No low-cost options

Fully functional CRM included

Limited control over the ads run on your behalf

40+ landing page templates available

BoldLeads territories are no longer exclusive to a single agent

How BoldLeads Generates Real Estate Leads

Like Market Leader, BoldLeads generates leads by creating and placing ads on platforms like Facebook and Google to draw prospects to customized landing pages. There, your leads are enticed to provide their contact info, and BAM—you have another lead in the hopper.

However, they differ from Market Leader by providing more landing pages and lead magnet customizations, as well as providing specialized follow-up tools like their automated text concierge to help you better convert your leads to clients.

Since BoldLeads ads are created specifically for you and your business, the leads you get are yours and yours alone, unlike other lead gen companies that will create generic ads and then share the leads among subscribed agents.

Get Started with BoldLeads

Not Sure if BoldLeads Is Right for You? Try Zurple

The BoldLeads strategy for lead generation has been imitated by a number of other real estate tech companies, but the most interesting one on our radar right now is Zurple. Zurple offers the same approach for lead generation, but includes advanced analytics and extra control over where and when your ads are being displayed, giving you more opportunity to optimize your lead generation for your specific market.

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Company for Prospecting Leads: REDX

Real estate lead generation company: REDX logo

Price: Starting at $40 / month

Why REDX Is on Our List

Unlike inbound real estate lead generation companies where you’re waiting for your phone to ring, REDX agents are picking it up and making it ring for their prospects. Though this means you’ve got more work to do with REDX, you’re also completely in control of your own success. Motivated go-getters will do great with this tool.



Affordable, a la carte pricing

Relies heavily on cold calling

Different types of leads are available

A very time-intensive strategy

Dialer is available for phone prospecting

Little or no performance analytics

How REDX Generates Real Estate Leads

Rather than creating a system where you wait for leads to come to you, REDX flips the script with an outbound real estate lead generation system, putting the contact information and the power to make connections in the hands of REDX agents, teams, and brokers.

REDX users choose from lead types like Expired Listings, FSBOs, and Preforeclosures (just to name a few), and REDX provides contact information for you to reach out and start real estate conversations. With a constantly updated system, you’ve always got an up-to-date list of the leads in your area, and you decide how much time you want to spend reaching out, following up, and converting them to clients.

Get Started with REDX

Not Sure if REDX Is Right for You? Try Vulcan7

Honestly, it was a toss-up between whether to feature REDX or Vulcan7 as the go-to outbound lead generation tool in this guide. REDX has a longer track record of success (which ultimately won them the placement), but Vulcan7 has been innovating this space lately, and many of the Realtors we talk to about this platform are raving.

Offering essentially the same services, Vulcan7 is a great option if you haven’t found what you’re looking for with REDX.

Paul Lykins headshot

Verified REDX User Review

Paul Lykins, KW Innovations

We asked Paul about his experiences with REDX as a real estate professional. Lykins told us that he ultimately doesn’t recommend the platform to other Realtors.

“Many of the contact numbers I was provided with for leads on REDX were landlines or no longer current.”

That being said, he also shared that REDX was easy to use and priced fairly.

Positive: Very easy to use; virtually no learning curve

Negative: I found the data / phone numbers to be unreliable

Market: South Florida
Years in Real Estate: 10
How long did you use REDX? 3 to 6 months
Current or former user? Former
Was your ROI positive? No

Best Lead Generation Company for Agents With a Large Sphere of Influence: Revaluate

Logo: Revaluate - a real estate predictive analytics company

Price: Starting $1 per contact, per year

Why Revaluate Is on Our List

Revaluate is a predictive analytics company that seeks to sort, prioritize, and strategize your most valuable asset as a real estate professional—your sphere of influence. By providing insights into which members of your circle are the likeliest to buy or sell in the near future, Revaluate offers some of the highest conversion rates of any of the tools on our list.

Reevaluate Pros

Revaluate Cons

Scalable—the price of the service is based on the number of contacts you have

A database of at least 1,000 people is recommended, making this not a great tool for someone just starting out

Fully integrates with most CRMs

Only basic training resources (though, to be fair, the customer support is great)

The “detox” portion of the Revaluate service removes duplicate contacts, combines incomplete information, and more

No real marketing or nurturing services available

How Revaluate Generates Real Estate Leads

Revaluate Realtors start by uploading their contact database to the Revaluate system. Revaluate starts by “cleaning and detoxing” these contacts, removing duplicates, combining partial profiles, and filling in gaps by searching their network of available public information to grab social media handles, phone numbers, email addresses, and more.

After your database is organized, Revaluate runs it through their proprietary big-data-driven algorithm, using market data, consumer analytics, demographic insight, and more to predict which of the members of your sphere of influence are likeliest to activate as a buyer or seller in the next year.

Having this sort of predictive strategy allows you to prioritize who you’re focusing on when it comes to staying top of mind and who doesn’t need a text or a phone call right away.

Get Started with Revaluate

Not Sure if Revaluate Is Right for You? Try Offrs

Revaluate takes a strong approach to predictive analytics, focusing on your existing sphere of influence. But, this isn’t the only approach. If you don’t have a robust set of connections to start with, a tool like Offrs might be a better fit. Offrs takes the same predictive analytics approach (using big data to predict the most likely buyers and sellers), but instead points that lens at geographic neighborhoods and communities at large.

Their conversion rates are lower since the people you’re reaching out to don’t already know, like, and trust you, but the advanced-targeting approach to lead generation is the same.

Headshot: Chris-Fajkos

Verified Revaluate User Review

Chris Fajkos, Coldwell Banker

Chris Fajkos is a leader in the Nevada / California Lake Tahoe market. In such a competitive space, Fajkos was looking for a tool that could give him an advantage over other agents when it comes to nurturing existing contacts and prioritizing communication. Here’s what he told us about Revaluate:

“I’d recommend Revaluate to other Realtors, provided you’ve got the necessary tools for success on the platform. In my experience, those tools are an active, current database of at least 1,000 contacts and a solid CRM for following up and tracking lead progress. I’ve gotten some really strong leads from the system, but my perception is that this is a long-term strategy that will require multiple sales cycles before it’s ROI positive.”

Positive: Easy to integrate into my overall strategy

Negative: Even though Revaluate uses multiple data sources to predict homeowner intention, they don’t seem perfectly suited for second-home owners (like I’ve got in my market). The data that Revaluate uses to make decisions isn’t customizable, so I have to keep an accompanying Google doc alongside my Revaluate data to stay up to date.

Market: Lake Tahoe
Years in Real Estate: 7
How long did you use Revaluate? 2+ years
Current or former user? Current
Was your ROI positive? Unsure

Best Lead Generation Company for CRM / Lead Generation Combo: BoomTown

Real estate lead generation company: BoomTown logo

Price: Starting at $1,000 per month

BoomTown is one of the best CRMs out there for large teams, brokerages, and even enterprise-level clients, but they also offer robust solutions for individual agents and small teams as well. The reason BoomTown is on the list is because of the way their lead generation integrates so seamlessly with their CRM. When you generate leads with BoomTown, they are automatically dropped into one of hundreds of options for lead nurturing, including custom text-message campaigns, email, snail mail, even integrated campaigns that utilize multiple tools.

Why BoomTown Is on Our List

With BoomTown, you never have to worry about your newly paid-for leads falling out of your funnel prematurely; the tools and automation it provides assures that doesn’t happen.

Boomtown Premier Agent Pros

Boomtown Premier Agent Cons

Lead gen comes from multiple places (ads, pop-ups on your website, etc.)

Expensive, especially for single agents and small teams

Designed with teams and organizations in mind - great tools for sharing leads

Steep learning curve—it takes a while to come up to speed on the CRM

Integrates with other lead gen platforms so you can use the Boomtown lead nurturing tools with other leads

Lacks some customization for lead tracking and in the CRM

How BoomTown Generates Leads

Like we said earlier, BoomTown is a CRM first and a lead gen tool second. Their lead gen strategy all starts with their website / CRM combo. On the website, you can create custom landing pages (or use any of the many options provided to you out-of-the-box from BoomTown) to direct traffic to. They also offer customized content gating systems for users site-wide, meaning, if someone is searching for property on your website, you can trigger a required form fill when you want in order to capture their lead info.

This is an effective strategy, especially for agents that are driving a lot of traffic to their website. And, for those who are still developing their organic audience, BoomTown offers an integrated Facebook and Google ads tool that allows you to build your audience through paid ads first. Of course, the effectiveness of these ads will depend a lot on your budget, but the opportunity for growth is definitely there.

Get started with BoomTown

Not Sure if BoomTown Is Right for You? Try Elevate

Elevate, the flagship CRM for Elm Street Technology, is one of our favorite new CRMs in the real estate space. They offer a ton of great features, are well-suited for businesses of any size, and offer some great lead generation options as a part of their CRM platform, including a fantastic social media and content marketing service that takes all the guesswork out of creating the right post at the right time.

To be sure, Elevate is a CRM first and a lead generator second, but if you’re looking for a product that offers a solid one-two punch, Elevate does just that.

headshot: Cassandra Alongi

Verified Boomtown User Review

Cassie Alongi, Cassondra Alongi

Cassie Alongi has been in the real estate industry in some form or another for the last 20 years. Currently focusing on investing in / flipping properties, Alongi shared the following with us when asked if she would recommend Boomtown:

“It would depend on the agent. In my experience, Boomtown has a lot to offer, but you’ve really got to commit to the tool in order to get your money’s worth. It is very pricey and offers a ton of tech tools for lead follow-up and conversion, but if you’re not very techy and don’t commit to using the tools, it will be difficult to get your money’s worth.”

Positive: Fantastic CRM and Follow-Up System

Negative: Expensive, not worth it if you can’t commit to the process

Market: Inland Empire and Coachella Valley, CA
Years in Real Estate: 20
How long did you use Boomtown? 1-2 years
Current or former user? Former
Was your ROI positive? No

Best Lead Generation Company for Buyer Leads: Zillow Premier Agent

Real estate lead generation company: Zillow Premier Agent logo

Price: Starting at $250 for most agents

Why Zillow Premier Agent Is on Our List

There is literally nobody in the consumer real estate market as big as Zillow—not by a long shot. If you’re looking for buyer leads at volume, it’s hard to argue with Zillow.

Zillow Premier Agent Pros

Zillow Premier Agent Cons

Ads run on the largest real estate website in the world

Customer service track record is not strong

Proven track record of success

Almost entirely buyer leads

Zillow Live Connections connects you directly with leads over the phone

Leads aren’t exclusive

How Zillow Premier Agent Generates Real Estate Leads

Zillow harnesses its 229 million unique monthly visitors to put real estate agents directly in front of active home shoppers in their market. Zillow sells display advertising for Premier Agents next to listings in specific ZIP codes, the price of which varies depending on the number of agents competing for space and the median sold price of a home in that market.

Zillow leads are either transferred to the Zillow CRM or into whatever CRM you’re using (they are famously collaborative and can connect to just about any platform). Then, you take over with outreach, nurturing, and eventual conversion. Pricing starts at $250 per month for most markets.

Chuck Vander Stelt headshot

Verified Zillow Premier Agent User Review

Chuck Vander Stelt, Listing Leaders

Chuck Vander Stelt with Listing Leaders in Northwest Indiana seems to have his Zillow workflow figured out. It’s clear he’s ambivalent about the product, but recognizes that, overall, it’s been a benefit to his business. Here’s what he told us:

“Overall, Zillow Premier Agent has been beneficial. But, you need to have a long-term time frame. If the agent only has the budget to run the program for a few months, it’s probably not worth it. Also, you must work the leads. I just recently closed a Zillow lead which I received over a year ago. If you’re not going to work the leads, you are just wasting your money.”

Positive: It’s a cash-for-names business, a straight line to consumers needing assistance from real estate agents. It is a straightforward way to get leads on actively engaged homebuyers and sellers.

Negative: Despite being the customer, I feel like Zillow continues to try to get rid of me. Zillow is focused too much on what’s best for Zillow by speaking of its latest and greatest innovation. Instead, I wish Zillow would focus more on how they can deliver more opportunities and higher quality opportunities to the customer base, which is the agents participating and paying for the Zillow Premier Agent program.

Market: Northwest Indiana / Chicago commuters
Years in Real Estate: 5
How long did you use Zillow Premier Agent? 2+ years
Current or former user? Current
Was your ROI positive? Yes

Zillow’s lead generation approach is unique in that they rely only on ads on their platform, which is great because you know that buyer intent on Zillow is high compared to places like Facebook and Google. On the other hand, Zillow’s system doesn’t prevent leads from clicking on multiple agents, so your leads aren’t necessarily exclusive to you.

Get Started with Zillow Premier Agent

Not Sure if Zillow Premier Agent Is Right for You? Try

Zillow and have a bit of a chicken-or-the-egg relationship; it’s hard to know which of them really led to the other in their current form. Both offer the same basic consumer functionality, both include a paid-ads platform for real estate professionals to get in front of motivated, active consumers.

While doesn’t offer nearly the same level of traffic and exposure to agents, they generate very similar-style leads. Former Zillow Premier Agents swear up and down that the lead quality is actually higher, even though the lead volume is a little bit lower.

Either way, if your Zillow contract is about to expire or you just want to try something new, might be a good choice.

Best Lead Generation Company for Advanced Social Media Users: StreetText

Real estate lead generation company: StreetText logo

Price: $200 a month for most agents + ad budget

StreetText Pros

StreetText Cons

Customizable ad campaigns, utilizing your local market expertise

Higher priced than many tools on our list

Lead contact info verification (never get a bad phone number again)

Can only target ZIP codes, not neighborhoods

Highly integrated—works with just about every CRM on the market

Only works with Facebook ads

How StreetText Generates Real Estate Leads

StreetText generates real estate leads by placing targeted Facebook ads on your behalf. You might be asking yourself, “Could I do that?”

The short answer is, yes, you could, but then you wouldn’t have the real value-add that StreetText provides. They don’t just place the ads for you—they make the ad process more-tailored to the real estate profession, fill in the gaps on lead profiles for prospects who complete your forms (getting you social media handles, more contact information, etc.), and they do a phone number / email verification to make sure that the leads you’re getting have working contact information and aren’t just time-wasters.

StreetText also provides you with nice-to-have features like their automated email and SMS texting services, a deal pipeline tracker, and more. But, the agents that I’ve spoken to who use StreetText say all of that is window dressing to the actual lead generation and verification.

Get Started with StreetText

Not Sure if StreetText Is Right for You? Try Rezi Leads

Rezi Leads is another real estate lead generation option that uses the “agency” approach, offering a fully automated lead experience, similar to what StreetText does. Where StreetText leans on the ability to customize and specialize your specific ads, Rezi Leads is stronger in the CRM and follow-up game.

So, if you find yourself not as interested in customizing the specific ads that are running and just want better tools to nurture them, Rezi Leads might be a good option.

Real Estate Lead Generation Companies to Avoid

We’re not typically ones to throw shade here on YKC, but we wouldn’t be doing our job as real estate and technology experts if we didn’t also give you brutally honest feedback on the lead gen companies we think you should steer clear of.

Zillow Flex

You might be thinking, “Yasser, you’re recommending Zillow Premier Agent, but not Zillow Flex? What gives?” The fact is, in our opinion, the cost of Zillow Flex simply isn’t worth the value. To be clear, I think that, in the long-run, this will be a return on investment (ROI)-positive strategy. But, based on how much Zillow will take as a cut, and the projected low-referral / low-repeat occurrence of these leads, investing in Zillow Flex is time-intensive for a very limited return.

Inbox Real Estate Leads

If you’re a long-time reader of YKC, you know that, at one point, I actually endorsed this company as an interesting alternative to the traditional paid lead generation model. But, after speaking with a number of users of this service, I’m changing that stance. The Realtors we spoke to who have used this service consider it unreliable at best, extremely competitive, and a tool that makes forecasting your future revenue very difficult.

OK, so it’s important to say that doesn’t actually bill itself as a real estate leads source, so I’m not knocking this platform for the same reasons I’m knocking the others.

However, I see second-rate real estate coaches across the internet touting as a place you should be prospecting preforeclosure property owners. Some of these “coaches” will even sell you courses on how to convert these too-good-to-be-true leads.

The fact is, the foreclosure process in the U.S. is very complicated, there are many stages to it, and in a post-COVID (and inflationary) era, even more so. There really is no telling whether the “leads” on are even leads at all, and even if you do manage to find potential sellers, it is very difficult to portray yourself as anything other than predatory. Our advice: steer clear of as a lead source.

Real Estate Lead Generation Companies FAQs

Before diving into paid real estate lead generation, take a look at some of our readers’ most frequently asked questions. If there’s something we haven’t covered here, please leave your question in the comments section below.

Do any real estate brokerages provide leads?

Yes, there are some brokerages that will provide you with leads, but that is a decision made on an office-by-office basis. Remember though, those leads aren’t free (even if you don’t pay anything upfront for them). Offices that provide real estate leads for agents often require higher splits and caps, as well as monthly desk fees.

Check out our article about the What’s the Best Real Estate Company to Work for in 2023? to learn more.

How do most real estate agents get leads?

From lots of different places. Most (successful) real estate agents diversify their lead generation so that their business doesn’t live or die by a single source. Paid lead generation, referrals and repeat business, and organic social marketing are some great examples of where real estate agents get leads.

Having a plan for your overall real estate lead generation strategy is important. If you need help with this, make sure to check out our article Evergreen Guide to Real Estate Lead Generation in 2023 to get the resources you need.

Is there a lead generation source with no upfront cost?

Yes, there are lead generation companies that offer the option to pay only for the leads that close, but they aren’t what we call traditional lead generation options. These are more akin to referral companies, since the leads they offer usually cost a percentage of your commission instead of a flat fee. Options include OpCity, Referral Exchange, and Agent Harvest.

Are paid lead generation companies worth it?

If you can get a high enough return on your investment, real estate lead generation companies are absolutely worth it. Think about it: if someone told you that you could earn $25,000 in commission by writing a $5,000 check, you’d do it, right? Assuming the number of hours you’d need to work wouldn’t be worth more than $15,000, that would be a great exchange.

What’s a good price per real estate lead?

In most markets, the max price a real estate agent should be comfortable spending per lead is $200. I know, that seems high, but do a little mental math with me, and I’ll show you it’s not. Let’s say you get 10 leads a week from Market Leader, and one of them turns into a client.

Now, let’s assume you’re converting 75% of those clients into sales. This means that you’re closing three transactions every month as a result of 40 total leads.

For 40 leads a month, you’re paying $8,000 (40 x $200), which seems like too much—until you remember that the typical home is selling for over $300,000. At a 3% commission, those three sales are grossing you $27,000 in commission income, netting you $19,000 before splits and taxes.

Of course, this price changes based on your conversion rates, based on the typical sale price of a home in your market, and based on your typical commission, but for most Realtors, $200 per lead is a great place to start.

A Note on Methodology

As a part of this buyer’s guide, I reviewed dozens of paid real estate lead generation companies and pinpointed the very best options for our readers. The criteria I used to evaluate these companies included (but isn’t limited to):

  1. Lead generation strategy and approach
  2. Price
  3. Usability / Learning curve
  4. Scalability
  5. Service and support, and more

As lead generation companies continue to improve their processes and increase their efficiency, I’ll continue to update this guide and review new and existing lead gen companies to reflect the best available options for realtors.

Your Turn

Did we miss a real estate lead generation company you want more information on? Comment below to suggest new additions to this list.

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