What To Do If You Have a Bad Upline

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What To Do If You Have a Bad Upline1 min read


Why Should I Listen to You?

"Hey Yasser! Why should I listen to you? You're not a top producer right now. You're no longer even an agent!"

More than one agent may have said this to my face...

They must be super sceptical of me.

I understand.

Maybe they have a bad, uncaring upline who got no time for them.

Maybe that's true in your case too.

Then agents see Top Producers getting featured in the news, on property guru, on 99.co. And everyone wants to join their team.

That's because many agents tell themselves that it takes a millionaire agent to coach and train other top producers.

That’s Not True!

Successful uplines hardly have time for their downlines because:

  1. They have a lot of customers to serve. Personal sales got them there and they have no intention of letting this go.
  2. They have less time for others. Because they're so busy, they cannot take out a lot of time. They have families, commitments. So they're very protective of their time.
  3. They have more problems to solve. Your issues are just one of many on their plate.

What This Means For You?

  1. It means you're already in competition with your fellow division mates!
  2. It also means that if you wish to be taught by Top Producers, then you may be disappointed
  3. And not all top producers are excellent teachers

So Who Am I and Why You Should Listen to Me?

It's true, I may not have been a top producer myself as a realtor, but I am about more than just creating top producers. And this is my story.

My Backstory

I was a broke and unemployed youngster trying to help my single mother take care of us 4 siblings. I had just wasted 2.5 years of my life in MLM and wanted to end my money struggles permanently. So after I saw my aunt make a lot of money selling houses, I decided to become an agent too.

My Desires

I wanted my mum to have a good life and not struggle with 2 jobs. I wanted to see her happy.

The external struggle was that I was not selling anything as a realtor. Instead of helping my mother, I was now dependent on her for food and transport money.

The internal struggle was that my mother was supporting me. I felt like a leech, a parasite. I felt like a failure as a son.

The Problems I Faced

The problem was that I was a shy guy. Between finishing my schooling and National Service in Singapore and becoming a realtor, I only had 3 years to try to make friends. That didn't happen because I was terrified of meeting strangers. So I knew no one who would buy or sell real estate. Plus, I didn't have the money to advertise. So not only was I totally broke, I had zero sources of income. I was literally starving for cash.

The Realisation

One night while desperately searching for a solution in my mother's kitchen, I stumbled across Dan Kennedy's teachings. He taught an upside-down method to get clients; by making them contact you first, instead of you doing the chasing and selling. He called it Reverse Prospecting. But it worked if you offered something of value to prospects in exchange for their contact information. I quickly acted on his advice, put up a simple offer online, and I got literally flooded with 1,943 inquiries in 48 hours. It was more business than I could handle on my own. That's when I realised that the secret to having an overflow of business was Reverse Prospecting.

The Plan

My plan was to start creating multiple offers that gave Singapore Home Buyers & Sellers something of value in exchange for their contact information. I also wanted to give excess inquiries away to my team of realtors to follow up with and close. I had recently read Michael Gerber's book E-Myth and wanted to work ON my business, rather than in it. Systemising my business seemed the logical option.

The Conflicts I Didn't See Coming

Each new Reverse Prospecting offer we created had to be hosted on 1 landing page, which took me 4 to 5 weeks to build. That took my time away from serving my clients, making me lose hundreds of thousands in potential commissions. Even though I was pretty good with programming, I decided to outsource this to my team of developers, who slowly built a rather clunky software for me to automate this process. But it cost me almost $50,000 of my own commissions and nine long months in wasted time. Plus, all the leads I was giving away to my team were not being 100% used. I found they were cherry-picking the best prospects and throwing away the rest.

The Achievement I'm Proud of

I ended up getting so angry and frustrated at this point after losing so much time, money and effort that I decided to fire everyone and simply model the best. After studying various industries and the methods of successful entrepreneurs Dan Kennedy had coached, I decided to make a platform that made it really easy for me and my team to create marketing offers. I called it 'agentLEADS'. I thoguht if I could build something that fully automated and systemised my entire real estate business, I would be very happy. After 5 months of programming and  every penny I had ever made, we created agentLEADs. I can now build in an hour - by myself, without any tech people - what used to take me and my team of 10 guys 4-5 weeks, and these systems run faster and converted way higher. We then started to let other agents use agentLEADS. And we closed over $113 Million worth of deals in Real Estate!

The Transformation We Went Through

After creating agentLEADS, I was not only able to let my mother retire, I was able to let my wife become a fulltime mom, I've also been able to spend a lot less time working, because we can create things so quickly. I'm now able to be with my kids and never miss any highlights of their lives.

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Yasser Khan is a real estate coach, speaker, and trainer at YasserKhan.SG who teaches Realtors how to make more Money, have more Time and enjoy more Freedom without all the B.S.


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