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Why This ONE Underrated Skill Will Determine Your Long Term Success as a Realtor?1 min read


Do you know the ONE skill that nobody is telling you about but.. it pretty much determines your success in the long term as a realtor?

And that skill is the skill of communication!

And nobody is really talking about it!

So, the skill of communication is the most underrated skill that nobody is talking about, but it pretty much determines your long term success as a realtor.

While some scientists dispute the statistic that 93% of all of our communication is nonverbal, many agree that people are considerably less influenced by the actual words you use, and more influenced by the tone of your voice and your body language.

The great news is now that you’re aware of this aspect of communication, you can improve it (and your sales) in the process.

And part of communication is actually your voice.

Your voice is the vital foundation of successfully communicating with your clients, and taking small steps to care for your voice now will go a long way in making sure you’re able to effectively communicate with your customers for calls and calls to come.

Your voice is the best tool you have available to you right now that you can develop (further). And the art of communicating, to influence buyers to buy, sellers to list with you, prospects to reach out to you... And the fundamental building block of all of that is communication. And huge part of your day-to-day work with clients, while answering the call, while speaking, involves your voice.

So developing your voice further will actually pay the dividends...

The problem is, while you may have perfected the words you’ll use to sell, your tone may still betray you.
Your lack of confidence will be glaring the moment you open your mouth. This can spell disaster when you’re making a sales call or pitch. After all, would you want to invest your hard-earned money in a product even the sales rep doesn’t believe works?

Of course not! Don’t expect anyone else to either.

When you approach a prospect, you are doing so because they have a problem that your product or service can fix.
In this situation, you are the expert with the solution and you must present yourself in that manner.

Put your consumer hat back on for a moment. How would you feel if a salesperson sounded bored, irritated, or disinterested when you needed their help? They could be saying all the right things, but if their voice suggests otherwise, you won’t be sold on what they’re offering.

If you sound like you don’t care about their problems, you can bet they won’t care about your solutions.

Mastering your tone is an essential part of business. Once you learn to control it, you’ll be on your way to better sales.

Your VOICE will drive your success as a realtor...

Now, many realtors still need to improve how they sound over the phone or in person...
That's ok, it's not such a big problem (for most).
In professional sales setting, you have to make sure your English communication is good.
You don't need to sound like a foreigner or have an American or a British accent.

As long as your English is understood, you are okay most of the time.
Beyond the accent, sounds and language, there are other hidden aspects to your voice.

Things like

  • tone,
  • cadence,
  • pitch,
  • intonation,
  • volume,
  • tempo,
  • inflections etc.

For example, some people start off speaking slowly, and then they build up momentum and then they end up speaking very very fast.
On the other hand, others start off speaking very quickly but then they slow down by the end.
Then others are monotonous throughout the entire conversation.

So you can see there are so many variations to speech, not just the words coming out from your mouth, but also tone, tempo, inflections etc.

How to improve your voice

There's so much to learn!
The good thing is, it's all available out there.
Just get out there and get trained! Get a voice coach, if you need one. Relearning communication should not be an impediment or a hurdle for you.

For example, for me, it was a hurdle for me because I grew up overseas, and when I came to Singapore, I had to serve my National Service. As a property agent, speech was a big hurdle for me, and I had to overcome it by practice. So I simply practiced.

Remember: Practice! Practice! Practice!

Remember, developing your voice is one of the most important things you can do for long term success as a realtor. If you need help in this area, you can read up, you can find online resources... There are so many options. Hit me up with questions and I'll be happy to answer!

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