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Why Too Many Leads Was the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to This Property Agent?



When I was still a struggling property agent back in 2008, I naively thought that getting more leads would solve all of my problems.

Little did I know that it was the WORST thing ever to happen to me.

Here’s my account of what exactly happened.

One night while desperately searching the internet in my mother’s kitchen, I stumbled across Dan Kennedy, THE GENIUS grandmaster of Marketing from the US.

I learned from him an entirely new way of getting leads and was shocked how his simple but seemingly illogical methods had transformed businesses the world over.

In every industry.

He created more millionaires overnight than all the other ‘gurus’ combined.

This was very powerful stuff!

(Too powerful, in fact.)

So I decided to implement it all.

But the problem was, no one was doing this in Singapore Real Estate at that time.

Everyone was copying everybody else.

I was all alone.

I decided then and there I would be the one to experiment on myself.

I had nothing more to lose.

There was no turning back now.

I borrowed money, bought a website, wrote up a simple offer, and then created a simple ad offering my services.

Then something very shocking happened…

By the end of 48 hours, I had generated a total of 1,943 interested buyer leads wanting to buy my listings!


I was swamped!

I had no time to call even a fraction of them!

I simply got my upline to close for me and that was the first major deal I ever closed, earning a cool $79,387.27 in commissions.

Imagine how happy I was!

I was rich almost overnight!

But my happiness was very short lived.

I had unknowingly run myself straight into an even bigger problem than the one I had before!

I was getting way MORE leads than I could realistically handle on my own…

But wait…

You may think that this is a good problem to have, only because you may not have had that exact same problem before.

But to ACTUALLY be in that position physically and witnessing firsthand most of your leads (and your marketing dollars) go to waste because you never had any time to call them back is a PUNCH in your gut!


I was wasting away my leads AND losing profitable deals in hundreds of thousands dollars that could have closed.

I had just tasted success for the very first time.

I kept telling myself I could have earned much MORE!

How did I know that?

I actually stumbled onto this dilemma only after I managed to find the time, when I called back some of the original leads I had generated.

(I forced myself to do this.)

They said they had listed with other agents!

(I counter checked to verify this. It was true. I was shattered.)

I was now literally pulling my hair out & angrily banging my fists out of sheer frustration!

I lamented if only I had had more time!

I was now up against the wall, with no obvious way out…

How I wished someone experienced would hold my hands and show me the way.

So I asked around, from other top producers.

I called them every day.

Sent SMSes.

Emailed for help.

Tracked them down.

Begged them.

But they were either unwilling to share their real secrets or told me believable lies that only got me running in circles.

My own upline wasn’t very helpful either (because she never had a flood of leads before and never ever had to pick & choose).

Eventually I stopped asking after I got too tired.

This was business, nothing personal. Survival of the fittest in all its bad, ugly glory.

Nobody had time for me.

(Only later did I realise that, hey, nobody knew any better! It was classic monkey see, monkey do. This was how real estate had worked for the past 100 years! Nobody bothered to innovate or change stuff.)

It took me weeks of sleepless nights and paranoia to stumble across a good solution.

One day while browsing at the MPH bookshop, my eyes fell on a simple-looking, blue-coloured book with a crystal-clear message that resonated deeply with me.

It said,

“Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work And What To Do About It”

It was ‘The E-Myth’ written by Michael Gerber.

When I read it, I had the second biggest Aha! moment in my young life!

Gerber opened my eyes to the reality hiding in plain sight all the while:

That my business was dependent on ME!

I had to systemise my real estate business, or die!

There was no other way…

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