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You Wouldn’t Believe What He Did to This Property Agent…



“I want to quit!”

Bobby quietly confessed to me, in private, so that our upline couldn’t hear this shocking revelation.

This was on a night in late 2009 when I was just starting to make money for the first time as a realtor in PropNex. The whole 100-strong division under my upline’s boss was gathered for dinner at a nice Boat Quay seafood restaurant to celebrate the success of team members together.

It was the day my colleague Bobby quit real estate for good, never to be seen.

I was genuinely puzzled, because he had struggled for only about 2 months after joining and then had gone on to actually make money in each of the next 9 months.

I admired him because I thought he was way smarter than me.

Because he joined months after me but quickly became my senior in both rank and income.

So I turned to him and asked why he wanted to quit so suddenly, when he had just clocked 4 sales that month alone and that too at a time when things had never been better for him.

He said he didn’t like our upline.

Couldn’t stand her.

Said he was under tremendous pressure to deliver.

And was feeling very overwhelmed with all the big expectations of him.

I wasn’t surprised.

I knew my upline did set tough sales targets for us downlines.

But I still couldn’t understand the exact problem he had with her.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but because I was simply cobroking my deals with my upline, I was in her ‘good books’. I was just getting flooded with more leads than I could handle on my own. So I had no choice but to pass them around. That made me the ‘golden haired boy’ of our division, never mind the fact that I was pulling my hair out of frustration from wasting so many leads.

I grabbed hold of Bobby, looked into his eyes and said,

“If you don’t like your boss, that doesn’t mean you quit the entire freaking industry!”

What he confessed next came from his heart and struck me deeply.

He said that there was something wrong with the whole real estate industry:

  • He was never home to his new wife and young daughter and that was breaking his beloved married life apart
  • The idea of big commissions was attractive, but not the reality of guaranteed struggle every agent had to face
  • He made money but did not really enjoy working hard for the next closing because it was simply too much hard work for too little rewards
  • He wanted to be his own boss, but in reality, he became a slave to a tough, demanding job because he could get a steady pay for ten times’ lesser stress, worry and anxiety elsewhere
  • He saw agents join and quit real estate like it was nobody’s business. Only the top 1% were truly successful & the vast majority struggled for peanuts

Bobby’s observation truly left a deep impact on me that night.

Because what he said had confirmed 100% of my very own suspicions.
Up till then, I had vague feelings and unclear annoyances but nobody had quite expressed it like Bobby did.

He left me golden nuggets of wisdom.
He effectively described the very essence of every realtor’s struggle.
He broke down Singapore real estate right down to its core.

Because by then I was just tasting success for the first time and had barely overcome a year of struggles, I did not want to go through the same shit again.

So I started gathering whatever good advice I could find and compiled it all for easy reference.

I would go on to apply many of Bobby’s golden nuggets in my own business when I systemised it over the next year.

And recently, I thought of benefiting others too with something that had given me countless perks.

That’s why I wrote a new book dedicated to Bobby. I wish talented agents still stay on in this industry. I hope my book Property Agent Secrets helps agents with overcoming all of the complaints they have. You just have to pay for shipping when it becomes available for pre orders soon.

And for a limited time only, I’m giving away a free ebook together with your book order. It reveals the winning Facebook ads a new property agent used to sell an $8M+ Landed Property in only 14 DAYS.

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Yasser Khan is a real estate coach, speaker, and trainer at YasserKhan.SG who teaches Singapore Realtors how to make more Money, have more Time and enjoy more Freedom.


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