5 Reasons for FEW Closings and HOW to Make 6 Figures in 90 Days Flat!



More closings means more money. Right?
This is quite straightforward and seemingly very simple.

But so many property agents still struggle with closings.
And in my daily interaction with many agents, I come across a number of reasons for this.

Why Having Few Closings is a Problem?

Only closings make you money.
Because no closing = no money...

Closings are the only way to get paid for our property agent services in this business.
After all, this is a service-based business.

But getting few closings is a serious problem.
It's a problem because if you're not closing any deals, there is no way you can make a commission.

So you need to be earning a lot of commissions in order to make a good living in this industry.
The life you want, the marriage you want, the family you want is going to be fueled by the agent business you build.
So there is no such thing as having too many closings.

The good news is, it's quite an easy problem to fix.

So today I’m going to discuss five reasons why you may be having few closings and how to quickly make six figure incomes in just 90 days flat!

There are 5 Major Reasons for Not Having Enough Closings:

  1. Not all Decision Makers show up
  2. Not using the right Presentation with Client
  3. Not adapting your Sales Process to Client's Personality
  4. Not removing Client's Perceived Risks
  5. Not having a mutual Agreement in place

I'm going to explain each one in detail with easy solutions to help you get more closings quickly.

Let's start with the first problem, which is not having all the decision makers being present in an appointment.

Why Decision Makers Are Critical for Closings?

Closings are essentially contracts and every contract must have parties that agree to honour the contract.

If the buyer or seller is the only person involved in the decision to buy or sell a house, then this may not be an issue.
But it becomes an issue as more people are involved.

It simply takes two to tango.
Therefore, if any one party is not in agreement, then the deal is off.

This is why you must have all the decision makers present in an appointment.

How to Get all Decision Makers On Board

What happens if you're already in an appointment but the seller says her husband is not around to give his agreement?
Simple. You reschedule the appointment to get the husband in as well.

If this issue comes up once in while, then it's okay.
But if this happens regularly with you, then you need to solve the root issue first.

For this to work, you have to be proactive in the first place.
To avoid stalling the deal, get all of the decision makers to turn up together in the appointment.
And the best way to do that is while you're still booking that appointment.

It all starts with booking an appointment over the phone.
Request the client to bring in all decision makers or choose a day and time that works for all involved.

The next step is simply to meet up all of them as agreed.
And that's why having the right presentation is so important.

Why Having the Right Presentation is CRITICAL?

So you've got all the decision makers present in the appointment. What's next?

If you're not careful, the deal may still not go through.
That happens if you do not have a proven presentation that answers all of their concerns.

But it can be easily fixed too.
You simply need a proven presentation.

But why do you need a presentation in the first place?
A presentation script for the right selling situation:

  • gives your appointment structure
  • keeps you 100% on track and on topic
  • answers all of the clients' objections
  • demonstrates your professionalism to clients

On the other hand, a proven presentation:

  • makes you work less
  • helps you close more often
  • makes you more money

Don't you want all of the above benefits?
Then use a proven presentation in every meeting and watch your sales soar!

How to Get a Proven Killer Presentation With an 85% Closing Rate?

Over the years, I've tested and perfected a Presentation that works for buyers and sellers.
And my agents tell me this presentation consistently gives them a very high closing rate.
Which can be as high as closing 17 deals out of every 20 appointments.

Pretty impressive, huh?

Now I'm giving away my Proven PowerPoint Presentations here.

Just download it and tweak it to your own situation.
Remember to really use it.
It's your new secret weapon.

Which brings me to the next issue.
Once you've gotten all decision makers and use my proven presentation, did you know that you could still struggle with closings?
That happens only if you do not adapt the presentation to the client.

How Personality Impacts the Selling Process?

Many property agents do not fully realise the potential that personality clashes have to break off deals.
Personality is the most underrated and the most overlooked aspect of sales.
Never underestimate the power of personality.

Personality Impacts Selling

Why is that?

70% of all sales pitches are misguided.

That's because they all ignore how clients deal with the sales interaction.
The secret is that not every sales interaction works for every personality.

How human beings deal with important decisions comes down to their personality style:

  • The objections they have,
  • the thoughts they think,
  • the decisions they make
  • their buying process

All of these are heavily influenced by their Personality.

If the client's personality clashes with yours, then it's highly likely to kill the deal.
Harmony comes from recognising this and adapting your selling style according to the situation.

This means you need to be flexible and change your presentation to suit the client's personality.
It cannot be the other way around.

You cannot get the client to suit your personality. Or your presentation.
That's very narrow-minded and naive.

Therefore, the first step is to understand yourself first before you can understand others. 
This is often done with simple personality tests, like the DISC Test.

Where to Get a Personality Test Done (And How to Use it on Clients Without Looking Weird)?

You can easily Google DISC Test and then take a free test online.
This helps you understand your own personality style.

The first time I took that test, I finally understood why I did things the way I did.
I also recognised how my own personality made the sales easier or harder for me, depending on my client's personality.

So, go ahead and take a personality test here.

But here's my warning: knowing yourself is only half the story.

You must learn to do these 2 critical things in every sales situation:

  1. Accurately recognise your client's personality and
  2. Quickly change and adapt your presentation to that

How do you learn to recognise your clients' personalities without asking them to take this test every time?
For that, you can attend my Mastery Coaching Program where I teach this in detail.
For example, how to quickly identify a client's personality on the very first phone call so that you can prepare the right presentation for them.

Because once you're able to recognise and adapt to your clients' personalities in any selling situation, you will master closing in no time.

So, after you get all the decision makers and you present to them by adapting to their personality, some agents will still stumble with perceived risks.

How Perceived Risks Can Kill a Sale Even Before it Begins?

Perceived risks are the biggest hurdle to sales.

Not everyone has the same risk appetite.
Clients find hiring you risky for all sorts of reasons.

They may need any number of extra assurances. These may have to do with:

  • finances
  • timing
  • location
  • decision makers
  • you
  • your experience
  • your performance
  • etc.

The trick is to remove all their risks (perceived or otherwise) so that hiring you is a no-brainer decision.
Here's how to do that.

How to Quickly Remove ANY Risk For Your Clients?

The real reason why clients perceive risks is because:

  • Clients have too many options to choose from, including DIY or doing nothing vs hiring you (which you can easily justify using my proven presentations)
  • they may perceive the opportunity cost to be too high (but given a chance, you could easily disprove that)
  • they may worry too much about issues beyond their control (but those issues could easily be addressed by you)

Maybe their perceived risk is too high, but given the opportunity, you could totally remove all of their perceived risks.

The point is, you don't really know.

You need to quickly find out and then address all of these issues in the appointment itself (provided you use the Proven Presentation I provide).

By following my Proven Presentations, you simply need to remove each of their perceived risks.

That's it.

(There's another way you can rapidly accelerate your ability to successfully handle all kinds of perceived risks and skyrocket your closings to six figures in 90 days. You can read about my 90 Day 6 Figure Agent Club Challenge for more details.)

So assuming you've been getting all the decision makers in an appointment, where you adapt my Proven Presentations to present to them and then effectively remove all of their Perceived Risks, there's still one more hurdle to overcome for a sale.

And that's disagreements over contracts.

Why Mutually Agreed Contracts Are Everything?

If clients do not have a good understanding of the agreements and contracts they are going to sign, then it may have a likelihood to stall the deal.

Even though this is critical, you must understand that nobody reads contracts.
People just gloss over them and sign.

And problems that shouldn't happen do come up later.

You will need to minimise such disagreements using my new strategy.

How to Minimise Disagreements and Prevent 'No Deals' Using This New Strategy

The easiest way you can avoid this problem is to:

  1. Explain to them every aspect of their agreement
  2. Ask them repeat back to your in their own words

But fortunately, you can take steps to minimise such instances in future.

Is this the only way? No.
There's another new strategy that you can use.
It requires you joining my 90 DAY CHALLENGE, where I lead you over a period of 13 weeks to compress time and accelerate your results.
This builds LONG TERM skills and professionalism in you.

This is by far the best way to practise my presentations, remove any perceived risks and dramatically improve your closings skills in just 90 days flat.
You can simply apply for my 90 DAY CHALLENGE at my SIX FIGURE AGENT CLUB.

If you practice enough, you will see a dramatic reduction in stalled deals.
You'll also make money and have greater peace of mind.

So if you follow the above strategies, you should be able to close more deals faster!

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