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How to Beat ALL of Your Competition


How do you beat ALL of your competition?

Not just 1 competing agent, not 2, not 5. ALL of them?!

And do it consistently?

For any property, for any price, in any market?

Is that even possible?!

What Everyone Knows But Doesn’t Realise

Here's the thing about competition that many agents know about but don't realise.

When you're in competition with other realtors for a listing or buyer, how do you answer their question,
"Why should I hire you, compared to doing this myself, even doing nothing?"

What is your answer going to be?

Let me guess.

You're going to say:

  • "I'm number 1."
  • "We're the Biggest."
  • "I'm a Top Producer."
  • "I care about your business."

Would These Answers Beat Your Competition?

No way!

How do I know this?

Because I tried it before.

It doesn't work.

There's no benefit for the clients. And these answers are all meaningless. Nobody even pays attention to this shit.

And I see so many agents making the same mistake again and again.

Part of the reason is that agents copy other agents, even if the thing being copied doesn't work.

There’s a Better Way

My mentor Dan Kennedy asked,

"Why should I do business with you when I could do nothing?"

I had no answer that day.

Until he taught me something that is changing my agents' careers even today by beating up their competition.

That day, I discovered the power of the Unique Selling Proposition or USP.

Many agents may even have heard of it. But nobody understands it. They think it has to do with marketing.

It’s not a Marketing Issue. It’s a Business Issue.

Here's why.

Even good marketing, no matter how viral, cannot ultimately solve the problem of DIY buyers today. DIY is showing no signs of going away soon.

Sure, you may close a few deals today from your marketing, but what about 1 year from now, when the DIY rage is growing even bigger? What if more and more buyers and sellers DIY?

Are Agents Going Out Of Business?

And it's destroying agents' careers and reducing them to paid employees.
There are $2,888 agents now.
Will there be $188 agents soon?
There can only be 1 outcome: A Price War to the BOTTOM!

The Curse of The DIY  Culture

So you see, you're not only daeling with other agents as competitors.

You're up against an entire CULTURE in today's society. It's an uphill battle.

Prospects are fed up of lousy service by agents. And they want to 'cut the middleman'. And agents have been super slow to vindicate themselves.

And I'm witnessing agents becoming bitter, angry and fearful. They're fed up of their agencies not doing anything about this.

In short, agents don't really know how to destroy this curse of the DIY culture.

I do.

Having a USP solves this issue and destroys the DIY culture at its root.

It answers the question,

"Why should I do business with you, even buying/selling this house by myself, including not doing anything at?"

You see, it's no longer enough to give lame answers. You've got to be bold.

Here’s How to Build a USP:

A killer USP that destroys all of your compeition must be:

  1. Believable
  2. Relevant
  3. Concise
  4. Provable
  5. Benefiicial

I help my agents come up with killer USPs that they use to destroy their competition.

But if they don't 100% own it, there's not much I can do.

You can't expect your coach to do pushups for you.

You've got to put in the work.

And that's how to defeat all of your competition at their own game.

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